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Supported Models

Hundreds of Dell laptops are certified to run Ubuntu.

Certified laptop list

If you laptop is not on the list, or has been certified only on a backlevel version, this does not mean that it can't run Ubuntu, or can't run a newer version than the one listed as certified.

You can boot from the install media and choose the option to evaluate compatibility of a release with your laptop.

Install media choice

Install media can be downloaded here

If you don't have a specific reason to choose a particular version, such as a wish to use a specific certified release, Ubuntu is recommended for a modern laptop.

Beware of using a years old release on on a recent model. While it might run, it may use a kernel lacking the ability to utilize chipset features related to best performance and power management.

These BIOS setting are recommended:

  • UEFI boot with secure boot mode disabled
  • Any SATA target disks and install media set for AHCI, without RAID
  • If the install media shows twice on the bootable device list, choose the UEFI version as the boot device

Warning: If you are retaining Windows or another OS, and are installing Ubuntu as a second boot option, do not make any BIOS changes.

Install from a USB device is generally much faster than DVD media, and USB is much faster than USB However some laptops may not have USB ports fully recognized and operational during the early stages of the install process. If an attempted USB install fails or locks up during media access, you may find that an optical media install will succeed on the same laptop.

If you laptop has an AMD GPU, there are potential issues due to a transition from proprietary to open source drivers in later editions of Ubuntu. An older version in the x series might be required to have your system work using a default install, without kernel option edits and other configuration edits.

Post Install recommended steps

At a terminal prompt, or optionally using a bash script:

Using browser, download and install Chrome, Slack, VMware Workstation, Zoom. etc by web download and install of .deb

enable VMware Workstation install


&#;Ubuntu Light&#; available to download from Dell

We haven&#;t heard much about Ubuntu Light &#; the simplified &#;instant on&#; version of Ubuntu intended for use on dual-boot laptops preinstalled on Windows &#; since it was announced back at UDS-M in Brussels last May.

But it is &#; apparently &#; shipping pre-installed alongside Windows 7 on select Dell notebooks.

You&#;d at least expect a bit of fanfare, right?

Ubuntu Light: the quick start OS

Utilizing the Unity interface the &#;light&#; is not named by chance: Ubuntu light is said to boot in as quickly as eight seconds when installed on an SSD drives and a still-rather-neat 15 seconds when used on a traditonal hard-drive.

So what else is so special? Ubuntu Light &#;includes a very targeted set of applications and is optimized for a fast startup time and a fast connection to the Internet&#; according to the Canonical. This &#;light&#; ethos means results in the OS not sat there as competition for Windows 7 but  solely to augment the users experience.

The .iso

Now, an intrepid reader called Devin got in touch with a link to a DVD .ISO of Ubuntu Light is available on the Dell website. It&#;s a hefty MB download but considering mum has been the proverbial word on Ubuntu Light availability it&#;s exciting &#; if unexpected &#; to see it turn up.

Named &#;ubuntu-lightAiso&#; the file is specified for use with the &#;Dell Inspiron MZ&#;. Installation instructions state that the file &#;&#;will need to be copied to USB media using the Ubuntu Light OS Recovery Tool for Windows 7, which is also available on;

But before you get too ahead of yourselves, hit download and bang your head trying to install note the reason why it&#;s available from Dell &#; the .iso is designed to check for compatibility before it will run/install. (I.e. needs to be on a Dell Inspiron MZ).

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Finding Dell service tag or serial number using the command line

Finding the service tag number in Dell laptops is the elementary task to get warranty or service. The same is applicable for other brands, as well. The service tag number in Dell, or the serial number, is the method for uniquely identifying a laptop, notebook, or any other device. You can always have Dell service tag lookup, or the serial number lookup, by visiting the OEM’s website. But the method they show, involve downloading and installing of numerous programs. There isn’t any doubt, the programs are lightweight, but why install a separate app, when you can get the serial number without them.

Finding Dell service tag or serial number using the command line

You can have the Dell laptop serial number, without downloading any dell service tag checker. You just need to type a command and get the serial number right in front of you. Though the easier method is to have a look at the sticker just underneath your system. You can get the service tag number, express service code, or any such details there. But with an old laptop, it might be difficult to maintain the sticker at its place. So, now I will be showing you the easiest tutorial here to find Dell service tag or serial number on Windows and Linux.

Finding Dell service tag or serial number On Windows

Open Command Prompt. Hit the ‘Windows + R’, type ‘cmd’, and press the enter key.

Just type ‘wmic bios get serial number’, and hit the enter key. Now the service tag for your laptop will be in front of you.


Finding Dell service tag or serial number on Linux

Most users run Linux on their Dell laptop. It isn’t again a difficult task to find the service tag number for Dell and other laptops on Linux, as well. You might need superuser or administrator privileges for this command though.

Open ‘Terminal’, and type ‘sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number’, and hit the enter key. You might be asked to type your password. Once you are done, the Dell service tag number will be shown to you.

After the Dell service tag number lookup, you can give it to the customer care executive or see the system specs, along with your warranty.

Hope the Dell service tag lookup tool or method, was helpful for you. Faced any issues? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.


Dell EMC and Ubuntu

From desktop to the edge, from the data centre to multi-cloud environments — Dell EMC and Canonical bring you open source solutions that work out-of-the-box.

Get in touch

In the data centre

Dell servers provisioning with MAAS

At the heart of the data centre and a key component to building a hybrid strategy, Dell PowerEdge servers come certified with Ubuntu as the operating system. Offering the performance and versatility to get the most from your infrastructure, Dell's flexible designs offer a range of options for price, functionality and scalability to meet your workload needs. Those servers can be provisioned with MAAS for a cloud-like experience and enhanced automation.

View Dell's certified server options

Read our whitepaper about MAAS ›

Deploy containers at scale with Charmed Kubernetes

You can go confidently into production as we have completed extensive validation, testing and certification to identify the best-fit Dell hardware for container-based solutions. Use Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Ceph software-defined storage running Ubuntu Server and Canonical's Charmed Kubernetes to help you manage the complexities of multiple containers across multiple servers. And if you prefer to focus on your business, we can set up your k8s cluster and manage Kubernetes for you, handing back control when you are ready.

See the Reference Architecture components ›

On the desktop

Roll-out Ubuntu developer laptops and desktops in your organisation

Dell Linux desktops, laptops and workstations are built with the developer in mind. Powered by Ubuntu they include the tools and libraries needed for a productive cloud, AI and IOT development experience. Over Dell laptop, desktop and workstation models ship with Ubuntu preinstalled for an optimised, secure and constantly updated platform. Ranging from value-priced to premium systems, all options are certified and ship with Ubuntu.

See all Ubuntu certified Dell desktops ›

Power your AI ambitions

With Ubuntu LTS factory installed, Dell Precision workstations deliver the power to deploy and manage cognitive technology platforms, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Featuring extensive memory and outstanding processors and graphics, Dell AI-ready workstations are both flexible and affordable. They're ready out-of-the-box in a certified platform with accelerated hardware so that you can work at full speed on your AI ambitions without risk and with peace of mind.

Discover Dell's AI workstations

The building blocks for your digital transformation

Dell and Ubuntu can provide you with everything you need to transform your enterprise's IT.

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How to Install New Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) in Dell Laptop - Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop

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