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I probably should have done it before but after working on this document for about a year and a half now (April 28th ) I finally brought myself
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PaypalClick here to donateFrequently Asked Questions - Please READ before asking me anythingCHANGELOGWhat's the best race for Mages?July 11th Before answering the question, here is the breakdown of each race's stats at level Gnome:Human:Undead:Troll:




Mana Mana ManaMarch 15th


Intellect Intellect Intellect

44 Stamina

45 Stamina46 Stamina46 Stamina- Changed the "Hover the cell" to "Use Wowhead URL for infos" in the Pre Raid BiS and Raid BiS lists because nothing appears when using the

% Spell Crit

% Spell Crit% Spell Crit% Spell Crit HTML document as mentionned in the FAQ (at the bottom of this page).First and foremost, the Mage isn't a class that "requires" you to play a certain race to be viable in any aspect of the game (like Priests does for- Added the "Why is X trinket listed above the Y and Z trinkets in the Raid BiS lists?" question to the FAQ, also at the bottom of the page.example, well.. kind of), you can chose any race you want and still perform well enough in PvE, PvP, leveling, etc.January 28th That being said if you are reading this guide, chances are you want to know what's the best race you can pick, here is the list:- Added Claw of Chromaggus and the AV Offhands as Alternative Weapons in the Phase 3 BiS list on the Raid BiS tab.Alliance:PvP: Gnome (Escape Artist)January 10th PvE: Gnome (Expansive Mind)Updated the Phase 3 and 4 Alternative BiS lists of the Pre Raid BiS tab (Hover the cell to get redirected to the Wowhead article about it).Horde- Arcane Crystal Pendant confirmed to be available in Phase 3 on February 12th.PvP: Undead (Will of the Forsaken)PvE: Troll (Berserking)November 13th PSA to all Alliance players:Finally came out of hibernation and replaced the Arcane Crystal Pendant neck with the Star of Mystaria on the Pre Raid BiS lists for Phase 2.I'm totally aware that most of you don't want to look like a Gnome and prefer playing Human instead despite not having any racials (let's be honest,as a Mage, Humans don't give you anything). This is not a reason to spam the Discord with "I cAn'T sTaNd pLaYiNg a gNoMe bUt hUmAnS hAsAs mentionned in the FAQ, the Class Quest for the neck is NOT in game right now and most likely isn't gonna be until sometime around the ZG patch.bAd rAcIalS, wHaT sHoUlD I dO gUyS?" messages, nobody can't make this decision for you. I know it's hard to decide but please avoid floodingPlease stop asking. :D - Update: Confirmed to be available in P oh well.the Discord with it.November 7th Added a Paypal donation link.- Donations are entirely optional. And extremely appreciated.- There is no "gated" content beind donation, you're getting the full document whether you donate or not.What's the best stats while leveling?
Hover the cell for a donation linkSpirit: - Increases the amount of mana you receive per tickIntellect: - Increases your max mana (1 int = 15 mana point) - Slightly increases your spell crit chance (59 int = 1% crit)October 9th Stamina:Added a LOT of questions in the FAQ, also "revamped" the old ones, seriously please read them. - Increases your max HP (1 stam = 10 HP)September 19th Spellpower: - Increases your spell's damage (The damage bonus depends on the spell's coefficient, the shorter the cast time the less it'll benefit from spell power)- Updated the FAQ, adressed the Magequest question.- Updated the Pre Raid BiS tab.__- Removed the "Trash Fight Set" lists in the Raid BiS tab. The reason for this is because there could be a lot of confusion about those lists,that being said those lists are gonna come back when it's all figured out.Four major points about the Spellpower stat:Overall I'm transitioning the document from what we've seen on private servers to the actual correct Classic data, might gonna take a while.1) SP gear is only "relevant" while ST leveling which is only happening when a server launches, at that point of the game the damage "gain" isn't worth the time wasted gathering this type of gear (Tailoring patterns, being lucky with blue drops).August 22th - Updated the AoE Leveling Build in the "Talents" tab.2) "But I can just buy this gear off the AH at some point when I'm training my spells in Ironforge / Orgrimmar anyway": If you can find this type of gear at the AH then the server is established enough that you can AoE level instead of going ST.August 20th - Updated the Pre Raid BiS, Raid BiS, and Phases tabs after reading this post.3) Having SP while leveling will do two things: - Hitting harder will allow you to shave off wand shots, while killing a mob faster is good you'll also sacrifice some mana regen via the 5 second rule.August 18th - Shave off an entire Frostbolt cast but only if you reach a certain SP threshold, which requires a lot of it.Massively updated the FAQ section (PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS BEFORE ASKING ME ANYTHING) As mentionned earlier, this is never worth going after.August 16th 4) Spirit is the ultimate stat for ST leveling speed as you'll regen more mana per tick. Period.Updated the "FOOD BUFFS" section of the Buffs&Consumables tab: - More intellect means a larger mana pool, the more maximum mana you have the more mobs you can kill without drinking,- Monster Omelet added that being said once you reach OOM you're gonna have to drink for longer. Also you gain a little spell crit as a bonus.- Spiced Chili Crab added - More Stamina means you can take more hit before dying, this stat is never needed against mobs as you'll only die if you're not careful,- Tender Wolf Steak added and Stamina is not the fix here. It's more of a PvP stat than anything.- Heavy Kodo Stew added- Spider Sausage addedConclusion:- Mightfish Steak added- Cooked Glossy Mightfish addedSpirit > Intellect > Stamina - Keep in mind that PvP is not taken into account.- Hot Smoked Bass added- Sagefish Delight added2/3 VS 3/3 Improved Blizzard- Poached Sunscale Salmon added1) The 3/3 Improved Blizzard (65%):August 15th + Stronger slow effect than the Cone of Cold (50%) one.Raid BiS tab: Separated the lists into 3 different categories: Frozen Wrath Set, Zero Frost/Fire SP set, and Trash Mob Set. Just like on the Pre Raid BiS - Because of the above, if a 3/3 Blizzard slow (65%) is applied to a mob you cannot use a CoC slow (50%).August 12th 2) The 2/3 Improved Blizzard (50%):- Revamped the entire "Buffs&Consumables" tab. - The slow effect is as strong as the Cone of Cold (50%) one.- Revamped the entire "Enchants" tab. + Because of the above, both slows can be applied. - Having two slows on a target will only make it last longer, the two effects doesn't "stack".August 6th - Updated the "Stages" tab, items gated via later patches are now mentionned in the items' names.The TLDR is that people tend to run 2/3 Improved Blizzard because you're able to use CoC whenever you want. This is not a good idea for two reasons:August 5th 1) This issue can be countered very easily by learning to time your CoC properly, right after the Blizzard slow drops.Reworked the Pre Raid BiS tab:- Separated the lists into 3 different categories: Frozen Wrath Set, Zero Frost SP set, and Alternative items.2) Because the 3/3 Imp Blizzard slow is stronger, the mobs will stay inside the AoE for longer meaning that picking up this talent is a damage gain.- Added notes on the Total SP cells for each Frozen Wrath Set list with more Frost SP / SP infos.

Classic WoW: 10 Most Useful PvP Trinkets, Ranked

Classic World of Warcraft offers an endless number of grinds for players of all kinds. But if you are looking for an extra edge when staring down players from the opposing faction in battlegrounds or the open world, you're going to want to grind out more than a handful of trinkets. Some of them have considerably long cooldowns, but this only further encourages you to acquire as many of them as you can. When one is on cooldown, you can simply slot in another that's ready to be used.

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Every little advantage you can get matters when it comes to player versus player combat and some of these trinkets provide much more than a small advantage. Many of the more powerful trinkets available are all derived from the Engineering profession, so if you're a PvP fanatic you will be hard-pressed not to take it. As you will shortly discover from the following items, fighting other players without the Engineering gadgets and gizmos is like rolling a retribution paladin. It just doesn't make sense.

10 Six Demon Bag

This random effect trinket is a reference to the well-known movie Big Trouble in Little China. As per its namesake, when used it conjures up one of six effects. The first three are a fireball, frostbolt, or chain lightning spell that deals a few hundred damage and scales with spell power. So especially good for caster classes.

The other three are a little more unique. One polymorphs either your target or yourself into a sheep, the second envelops your target in winds stunning them for a few seconds or until they take damage, and the third summons a felhunter demon whose attacks mana burn. It does make you wonder though, who managed to fit all these demons into one bag?

9 Barov Peasant Caller

While not the most effective trinket on this list, it may very well be the funniest. The peasant caller summons three servants of house barov to fight by your side. The servants last for around a minute and deal about 30 white damage per attack.

The servants summoned are random race and gender combinations from your faction. This trinket doesn't deal a lot of damage, but it does come in handy when fighting casters. Each attack from the servants causes pushback on spellcasting, buying you a couple of seconds you wouldn't have had otherwise.

8 Nifty Stopwatch

This handy little item will prevent your enemies from escaping your reach or allow you to escape theirs. Though that might be seen as a little cowardly. When used, it increases your speed by 40% for the next ten seconds. It really makes a difference when you're kept in combat and unable to mount.

Beyond that, it's also extremely good for flag carriers in Warsong Gulch. Using this trinket in tandem with the speed boots found in the hallway and a swiftness potion will see you shooting to the other side of the map like a bolt of lightning ushered from the clouds.

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7 Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector

High risk, high reward is the name of the game with the first engineering trinket on this list. The net projector can single-handedly win fights against melee opponents, but it can also single-handedly lose them.

Disabling another player's movement for 10 seconds is incredibly strong, but there's a chance this effect will apply to you instead when using the Net-o-Matic. Someone's going to end up a sitting duck, so just pray to Elune that it isn't you.

6 Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector (Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector)

Wouldn't you know it, more Engineering items. The ice reflector is incredibly strong against mage opponents as it negates a spell they cast and turns it against them. While most players are quick to use their reflectors on the first frostbolt thrown their way, this item is usually most effective when used to reflect a frost nova.

The nova then roots that pesky mage in place, making him or her an easy target for your melee combatants. Most mages are talented into frost right now due to mobs in Molten Core resisting fire spells, but in future phases, the flame reflector will become just as relevant as its frost counterpart.

5 Shadow Reflector

Reflector gang. As I'm sure you've already surmised, this is the reflector you use against warlocks. It has a higher power ceiling due to the ability to reflect a death coil which is why it's ranked higher on this list. However, seeing as death coil is an instant cast, actually making this dream scenario into a reality can be quite difficult.

It requires foresight and PvP knowledge that is only attainable through experience. That, or a stroke of really good luck. Whichever it is, the first death coil you reflect will leave you wanting for more.

4 Arena Grand Master

An on use that absorbs somewhere around one thousand damage. There's really not much else to be said. This trinket is always good in any PvP situation as it simply increases your health pool by a generous amount. Obtaining it, however, is not such a simple process. Unlike the previous trinkets, it's not just a world drop, quest reward, or profession-related item.

In order to acquire it, you must loot the chest in the middle of the Gurubashi Arena twelve times. For those unaware, the Gurubashi Arena is a free-for-all zone. So it may require the help of a few friends before you end up with this trinket in your repertoire.

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3 Insignia of the Horde (Insignia of the Alliance)

These are the PvP class trinkets available from your faction's PvP vendors upon reaching Rank 2. Depending on your class, the trinket dispels different effects. As a result, these trinkets are more useful for some classes than others. But regardless of your class, the trinket is great to have.

Even if you play a class whose trinket doesn't dispel the most common effects, occasions will arise when the trinket is applicable. And when they do, you'll be very glad you have it.

2 Gnomish Death Ray

Of all the engineering trinkets contraptions available in vanilla, this is perhaps the most iconic. The gnomish death ray channels a spell that deals damage to you as it casts. The more damage you take during the casting, the more damage it will inflict on your target. It can drain up to of your hit points during the cast, which seems like a lot to ask, but it can also crit for many thousands of damage.

Potentially one-shotting a level One thing to note is the damage from this ray scales with damage increasing cooldowns such as the warrior's death wish. If you're fishing for the biggest crits possible, don't forget to pop your cooldowns first.

1 Tidal Charm

Undeniably the best PvP trinket in the game, the tidal charm is also the hardest to procure. It stuns your target for three whole seconds and drops off of a rare spawn named Prince Nazjak, who appears in the shipwrecked waters of the Arathi Highlands west of Faldir's Cove. The much sought after Prince spawns in multiple locations within the area and has a variable spawn window of anywhere between hours.

And the cherry on top? The trinket isn't even a guaranteed drop, though it does have a good rate of 54%. If you're committed to farming this trinket be prepared for a few days of swimming around spamming target macros and expect there to be competition. To the winner go the spoils (hopefully), and happy hunting!

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Amouranth's Twitch ban has been lifted after a little more than three days.

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WoW Classic Best Engineering Items

Players who reach Level 30 and have Engineering Skill can specialize in either Goblin or Gnomish Engineering, depending on which you choose you will have access to unique craftable items that you can build.

Goblin Engineering Classic WoW Popular GoblinEngineering Recipes

  • Goblin Rocket Boots | Goblin Rocket Helmet | Dimensional Ripper &#; Everlook | Goblin Jumper Cables | Goblin Sapper Charge | Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe

Gnomish Engineering Classic WoW Popular GnomishEngineering Recipes

  • Gnomish Rocket Boots | Gnomish Mind Control Cap | Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan | Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt | Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector | Inlaid Mithril Cylinder Plans

Reprint of the document on , Phase 4 (Pre Aq) Correction and weapon, off hand, wand added.
Note : In Twins Room we have a debuff of Shadow Resist

Shadow Resist Gear

Total maximum shadow resistance with this stuff:  shadow resistance
Some other items are possible (trinket, weapon). You can add them in comments please

Shadow Resist Buffs

  1. Master Demonologist + 60 SR
  2. Demon Armor + 15 SR
  3. Prayer of Shadow Protection + 60 SR
  4. Gift of Arthas + 10 SR
  5. Crystal Basilisk Spine +10 SR
  6. Sayge&#;s Dark Fortune of Resistance +25 SR
  7. Mark of the Wild +20 SR / +27 SR

Cumulative total of buffs =  SR

The maximum possible is therefore:  SR
The theoretical target being  SR

Note that this includes the pre AQ stuff, at AQ some items have better shadow resistance. All of this without the resistance flask.

French Version:

Réédition du document le , Phase 4 (Pré Aq) Correctif et arme , off hand, wand ajouté.
Note : Dans la pièce des Twins il y a un débuff de RO

Équipement de Résistance aux Ombres

Total de résistance à l&#;ombre maximum avec ce stuff :  de résistance à l&#;ombre
Quelques autres objet sont possible (bijou, arme). Vous pouvez les ajouter en commentaires svp

Buff RO

  1. Maître démonologue + 60 RO
  2. Armure démoniaque + 15 RO
  3. Prière de protection contre l&#;Ombre + 60 RO
  4. Don d&#;Arthas + 10 RO
  5. Queue de basilic de cristal +10 RO
  6. Sombre prédiction de résistance de Sayge +25 RO
  7. Marque du fauve +20 RO / +27 RO

Total cumulé des buffs =  RO

Le maximum possible est donc de :  RO
La cible théorique étant de  RO

A savoir que cela comprend le stuff pré AQ, à AQ certains items ont une meilleur résistance à l&#;ombre. De plus tout cela sans la flask.


Wow classic reflector shadow

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Shadow жрец. Pre-raid экипировка в World of Warcraft: Classic

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