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Recently on the Sims 4 Forum, a player provided links to a couple of fun “randomizers” to help flesh out characters for simming stories. You might want to check them out.

Generator Land: Fleshing Out Sims

Create a Random Sim

I often use randomization in my game in a number of ways, including trait selection, facial features in CAS, artistic styles for artists, writing genre for my authors, and other selections. For simple randomizations, a quick and easy website to use is:


Steve Simmons was created by randomizing each separate facial feature.

But with the wonders of the worldwide web, we’re not limited to simple choices. We can find online generators that will randomly provide names for characters and towns, personalities and occupations, and even entire plotlines for stories.

Granted, most of the randomly-generated plots aren’t going to be too useful. At least, not as they’re initially spun-off by the generator. They can, however, spark the creative imagination and become a starting point for a well-crafted story.

Looking for a way to add a little excitement to that dull family of sims you’ve been playing lately? Head over to one of the many fun generators to come up with a single event or an entire plot — anything from fantasy to romance to mystery and beyond.

Event Generator

Plot Generator

Title Generator

Writers Plot Idea Generator

Just for fun, I rolled up a little plot idea using the Writers Plot Idea Generator linked above. Here’s what it gave me:

An immoral single mother is framed for a mysterious disappearance. The story is encumbered by a secret revealed.

Certainly that’s grist for the storytelling mill. A sim-storyteller could easily create a character based on this idea and come up with a mysterious tale. How will it end? Will she find a way to prove her innocence? Or will she spend the rest of her life behind bars? What will happen to her child?

A plot idea like this can also be used as backstory for the characters in your game. Maybe the sim you’re playing is the child of this single mother, now all grown up and looking for answers.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to plotting stories. Whether your write them, play them out as videos, publish them with screen shots or simply enjoy them within your game, storytelling is an integral part of The Sims. Online generators can send the imagination off in truly unexpected ways, so the next time you’re wondering what monkey wrench to throw into your sims’ lives, check out one of the many online generators and have a bit of fun.


Like this:




How to Find Ideas For New Stories And Character Creation In The Sims 4

ideas for the sims 4

When I played The Sims 3, most of the time the game would give me some storylines ideas, there were always unexpected things that affected my gameplay and I felt my characters were alive and had personalities.

They had their preferences and did things I never told them to do. I enjoyed following their whims and the random unexpected things that occurred; that is why I loved The Sims 3 so much.

In The Sims 4, I often struggle with ideas for my new character’s personality, goals, and storylines.

But I found a few useful things for how to generate more ideas for the new families I create, and here I’m going to share these tips with you:

Sims 4 Character Generator

I have recently found this generator that allows you to generate a life story for your sims. It randomizes the city where your sim grew up, their traits, life goals, jobs, their likes and dislikes, what kind of pet they have, and who they live with. I think this is useful and can make your stories more interesting.

Cas wheel

This generator allows you to choose packs you want to include in your randomization. It contains appearance, traits and aspirations, career, social life and more.

Ingame activity generator

If sometimes you feel bored and don’t know what to do in the game, you can use this generator to randomize an activity and create more fun and action.

Appearance generator

If you like to create unique and pretty sim models, this generator helps you with ideas for their appearance; their clothes, hair color, skin color etc.

Appearance, personality and plot generator

Here you can find several generators for a quick character description or a detailed description, personality, and cause of death.

I hope these tips were useful and make your game more fun!

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I see the same question pop up in our Sims Community Facebook group all the time. “HELP! I want to start a new save but I don’t have any ideas for what to do! What are some good story ideas?”

People usually suggest the same handful of things like do this or that challenge, get a spouse then cheat on them, become a black widow, use mods to incorporate R-rated content and all these are fine. If they sound fun to you, then by all means, do that! It’s your game. It should be fun to you first and foremost before anything else.

But if you’re a little bored of these things, I highly recommend this fantastic Plot Generator by Reedsy. It has over 1 million different plot combinations, complete with a protagonist, a secondary character, and a plot twist to shake up your story! Just pick your genre and hit Generate and boom! You have a totally unique story that probably no Simmer has ever done before right in front of you!

Keep in mind this plot generator is designed for writers, not The Sims, so you will probably end up with a lot of suggested plots that aren’t exactly specific to anything in The Sims. This is where your own imagination and creativity comes in. Think about how you can make that story work in The Sims, even if in a more abstract or unconventional way. For example, a Simmer received the following prompt from the generator and asked me how on earth they were supposed to do that in The Sims:

I suggested a mechanical engineer with the self-absorbed trait and a servo. The servo turns up from the future and, in an effort to return them to the future before the opposing galactic empire seizes it, they learn to transportalate as a spellcaster which allows them to travel between timelines as well as locations. When they arrive in the “future,” the engineer is horrified to discover that the future is actually less advanced than their time. The opposing empires clashed and created a new dark age that lasts well into our present day and the servo is one of the last of its kind.

See? You can do anything in The Sims if you stretch your imagination a little. That’s what it’s all about. Thinking outside the given parameters of the game.

The Random Plot Challenge

If you’re looking to take this a step further and turn it into a challenge, I wrote a very simple one with deliberately loose rules to allow you more freedom to tell the stories you’re given.

  • Use the Reedsy Plot Generator and select your desired genre, then hit Generate. You can do this as many times as you like until you get a plot and characters that catch your interest.

  • Once you’ve settled on one of the randomised options, create your protagonist and secondary character in CAS according to the info provided. They don’t have to live in the same household. You don’t have to actively play both of them, but they need to both be part of your story. If your character is a teen or younger, you may create their families as well.

  • You may use cheats only to give the characters a house you think they would reasonably have based on the generated story. You can’t give an elementary school teacher a golden mansion, for example. They would most likely live in a small apartment or modest suburban home. After getting them set up, you cannot use cheats.

  • You must incorporate every aspect of the plot, including the twist, into your gameplay somehow. If something doesn’t fit with The Sims, find a way to make it fit somehow. The Sims is only limited by your imagination so stretch your imagination. You’re telling a story, not just playing the same old “get job, get promoted, buy a nice house, get married, have a kid or two,” obvious trajectory that the game gives you. Treat it like a story, not a video game.


And leave, when suddenly the same group of girls appeared again, but now there were four of them. They saw him and laughed out loud. Damn. She told them about me, he thought, and tried to leave as quickly as possible, but it was not there.

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I started collect books from him, putting them in their place. When he was almost free, he helped me to clean them up, putting aside only one book. -Will you take it. -I nodded at the book.

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle - EP 16 - Power and Generators!

Said the husband of Aunt Oksana bitterly, hugging Marina and not letting her beat her eldest son. - Don't worry, Tolik. If everything goes well with the store tonight.

Now discussing:

A short conversation with him lifted my spirits, he invited me in the evening to visit me, at that moment all common sense and shame just passed out. And I agreed to a meeting without hesitation. In the evening I came to him, he immediately sent me to the bathroom, I took a shower and changed into what he prepared for me. I put on: thick black stockings, white lace thongs and the same bra, a black semi-transparent nightie on top and in this form.

Came out to him.

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