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Building and managing Apartment Communities

Reasonable rental rates
Ongoing maintenance of property
High rental standards
Accurate accounting and compliance
Professional, well-trained personnel
Building apartment communities
The complete “metes & bounds” of property operation

Our Properties

Metes & Bounds Management Company is a professional property management company. Founded in by Jan Henry Susee, an attorney experienced in the many aspects of real estate law, the company today oversees the daily operations of numerous residential apartments and several commercial properties on behalf of the owners and residents.

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Our Philosophy at Metes & Bounds attributes much of its success to a philosophy of property management that has guided the company since it was founded. That philosophy is that quality properties that are well maintained with reasonable rents will attract and keep quality residents. Supporting and adhering to that approach requires a certain discipline that not all property management companies follow.

Some of our award winning properties

Abbott Building
Abbott Building

Minneapolis, MN

Burning Tree West
Burning Tree West

Eden Prairie, MN


Duluth, MN

Concord Green
Concord Green

Bloomington, MN


What residents are saying

It’s a great place to live. Amazing location, great management, and friendly neighbors.

The neighborhood has felt safe, management is friendly, and there&#;s an area of open grass on the property perfect for lounging.

The management team is friendly and helpful.They are even willing to deliver your packages to your doors. This apartment has a ground keeper and care takers to keep the areas clean.


Metes And Bounds Management Employee Reviews in Richfield, MN

nice building but poor support

Property Manager for Valleyhigh Apartments (Former Employee) - Richfield, MN - April 14,

Expected to work all hours of the day and on call 24/7 days a year. The one thing you got for your time was free rent. My boss discriminated against the renters and I was afraid I would end up in court due to her actions. There was no room for advancement which was okay with me. I was not looking for it. Management was continually changing and the rules changed by the hour. You never were safe to perform your job. If you followed regionals way, the president of the company was calling to see why you did what you did. I saved emails etc. as proof I was asked to do my job a certain way. The job was supposed to be 4 hours a day five days a week. The residents were wonderful people. I enjoyed working with OCHRA, the police department, etc. I also had to maintain outside the building. By my taking interest in how presentable the property was, other residents also got involved. I learned much about other cultures from living around these people. They are all good people. Management just sucked.


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Metes & Bounds Management

Privately owned building whose management contracts with either the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency to receive rental subsidies

This type of property is sometimes referred to as "Project Based Section 8 Housing." Property owner/manager must follow HUD regulations. The government gives funds directly to the apartment owners, who lower the rents they charge tenants with low-income. This type of affordable housing requires at least one resident in the apartment to be a senior. The rental amount paid by the resident is determined based on the resident's income. Some units have a low, fixed rent amount.

HUD requires rental housing to provide Equal Housing Opportunity. HUD enforces the Fair Housing Act. More information available online.



The resident must meet income guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Check with the property management for specific income limits.

This type of housing requires at least one resident in the apartment to be a senior. HUD defines an elderly household as a household where at least one person is age 62 or older. Individual properties may have additional eligibility requirements.

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Bounds apartments and metes

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