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Focus Climbing Shoes - Men's

Engineered to provide laser precision on routes and boulder problems that require absolute focus, this dual-Velcro, high-performance shoe has a slightly downturned last for edging prowess on steeper terrain. With the highest grade European leather upper and our Engineered Knit Technology tongue, the Focus provides breathability and durability. We also printed high friction rubber on the vamp area of the shoe-this innovative process minimizes bulk while maximizing dexterity and grip for toe-hooking. The sole of the Focus is our stiff, durable rubber that's molded-inspired by the way we forge our carabiners-and not cut from one sheet of rubber. This is our engineered solution to optimize our shoe's rubber and rands for weight, consistency and comfort. The Focus also features medial and lateral stabilizer rands to increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges.

  • Moderate, slightly down-turned last for technical climbing on vertical to gently-overhanging terrain
  • mm rubber is purpose-built for edging and molded for consistency and performance
  • Engineered Knit Technology tongue provides exceptional breathability and comfort
  • Fine, durable leather upper
  • High friction rubber is printed on the shoe to minimize bulk and maximize dexterity and grip for toe hooking
  • Velcro straps for fit adjustability
  • Medial and Lateral stabilizer rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges

Black Diamond Focus

Black Diamond Focus notable features

-The Focus from Black Diamond is a product designed for high performance and comfort on steep ascents. It is built with Engineered Knit Technology for enhanced breathability.

-It comes with stabilizing rands that provide improved precision all the while preventing the foot from rolling. The molded construction of the sole gives the shoe lightness and consistency without scaling down on comfort.


Downturn. Black Diamond’s Focus is a moderately downturned climbing shoe. It strikes a balance between giving comfort and providing technical climbing prowess.

Applications. This BD footgear is engineered mainly for outdoor use. It is intended for bouldering, although it is sufficiently equipped for sport and trad climbing as well. It may be used for slightly overhanging routes.


A generally true-to-size, low-top climbing shoe for men and women is the Black Diamond Focus. Owners may get a dialed-in fit in it by way of the shoe’s Velcro strapping system. One can also expect much when it comes to its edging power with it being built around an asymmetric last. Its leather upper and knit tongue provides extended comfort as well as breathability.


Midsole. The Focus uses a medium-flex midsole to grant climbers enough support for edging maneuvers. It serves as a secure platform on tiny holds and tricky ledges thanks to its stiffness.

Outsole. Sufficient surface traction in the Black Diamond Focus is promised by its long-wearing rubber outsole. It comes at a thickness of mm. BD designers built it specifically for dealing with edges and like features.


High-grade European leather makes up the majority of the BD Focus’s upper. It has a liner made of hemp. Its tongue is breathable thanks to the brand-exclusive Engineered Knit Technology. At the base of the forefoot is a heavy-duty rand for protection. The shoe may be used for some toe hooking as it comes with strips of printed rubber at the toe box. Randing is also seen around its medial and lateral sections for enhanced support and precision. It has a pair of pull loops at the heel for faster on and off.

The closure system of this leather climbing shoe is comprised of two straps. Both are crafted with hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustability.

Black Diamond Focus vs. Shadow

The Focus is among BD’s quality climb-centric kicks. That said, so is the Shadow. Get to know the things that set them apart by reading through the following:

Downturn. The Black Diamond Focus has a moderate downturn, whereas the Shadow has an aggressive camber.

Pricing. For those looking for budget-friendly rock climbing shoes, the Focus might be the more appealing product. Indeed, it costs about $10 less than its competitor.

Target audience. The Shadow is a unisex shoe, while the featured BD piece comes in both men and women’s versions.

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Black Diamond Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Men's

Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Men's

The Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Men's strength is standing on small holds for a long time whilst still remaining comfortable. The last is slightly downturned with a high asymmetry, making it highly precise for hard boulder problems but not too uncomfortable for longer sport routes with lots of small edges; although, the real secret to its comfort is the leather upper, giving you a customised fit that will stretch and mould to your specific foot shape. And, as with all of Black Diamond's climbing shoes, the Focus' rubber has been moulded rather than cut, allowing for much more control of the weight, thickness, and consistency of each mould to enhance the rubber’s overall comfort, durability and performance.

There's also a lower volume version if you have narrower, lower volume feet.

Tech specs


Upper material


Closure type



High Asymmetry

Sole material



Moderate Downturn

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• Moderate, slightly down-turned last for technical climbing on vertical to gently-overhanging terrain
• mm rubber is purpose-built for edging and moulded for consistency and performance
• Engineered Knit Technology tongue provides exceptional breathability and comfort
• Fine, durable leather upper
• High friction rubber is printed on the shoe to minimise bulk and maximise dexterity and grip for toe hooking
• Velcro straps for fit adjustability
• Medial and Lateral stabiliser rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges

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Black Diamond Focus

From bouldering on cobble-studded sandstone to sport climbing in the athletic and knee-bar filled roofs of Rifle, the Black Diamond Focus performs like a champ.

Although billed as a high end performance shoe, I have found myself reaching for my Focus shoes more and more for a variety of climbing, with the exception of really steep routes; for that, their Shadows will do the trick. The Focus’ quick-strap velcro closure and knit technology makes it a breeze to take on and off—although it&#;s comfortable enough that I&#;ve taken to leaving them on for prolonged periods of time. I find myself going entire gym sessions without taking them off. Like their Momentums, this shoe is comfy, with an intuitive fit, and without hot spots after about 6 months of wear.

The leather and knit upper allows for some stretch, around half a size. Nonetheless, the shoe maintained its out-of-the-box performance even as the material relaxed a bit.

Choosing the right size in this shoe was a bit challenging for me. I sized up considerably compared to other climbing shoes. I usually wear a size 8 for a comfortable enough shoe with good performance in La Sportiva or Five Ten, but I found myself reaching for a size 10 to achieve similar performance fit in the Focus. But, the Focus sizing is closer in size to my street shoe than any other climbing shoe I have worn, as is the rest of the BD line.

The Focus is a shoe built for edging. Its slight downturn and stiff platform allows the wearer to toe in hard and stand on dime edges with relative ease thanks to what Black Diamond calls the“Stiff-Flex” midsole. The toe is roomy yet still slim enough to fit into pockets when need be. The heel fits well and I find myself trusting smaller and smaller heel hooks with these on my feet, but still there is some side-bagginess in the heel that will make precision heel hooking difficult. For all the toe hooking maniacs out there, you can get a passable amount of purchase with the slightly textured toe, but if toe-hooking is your number one concern, I would reach for something else.

With a millimeter molded-rubber sole, the Focus is on the burlier side —something that I appreciated when considering durability. For sporty multi-pitch trad routes, this shoe will perform like the Sportiva Miura, a durable shoe able to get stuffed into a crack, face climb and smear with confidence, but not having to be taken off at every belay. Overall, the Focus has shown no signs of unreasonable wear despite my abuse (read: sometimes questionable technique). These boots are a welcome addition to my quiver and have earned a frequent a spot in my pack.

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