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The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series 16.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series

December 11, 2012
Based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series, The Walking Dead features a world devastated by an undead apocalypse and the horrifying choices you're forced to make to survive in it. Assume the role of Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer you redemption in a world gone to hell.
Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection 17.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

July 9, 2013
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the METAL GEAR SOLID franchise, this PlayStation 3 exclusive package will include METAL GEAR SOLID, METAL GEAR SOLID 2: HD Edition, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: HD Edition (which includes the original MSX versions of METAL GEAR and METAL GEAR 2), METAL GEAR SOLID: Peace Walker HD Edition, METAL GEAR SOLID: VR MISSIONS and METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Trophy Edition. In addition, the collection will also include two Ashley Wood digital graphic novels.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 18.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

March 20, 2007
Oblivion is a single-player game that takes place in Tamriel's capital province, Cyrodiil. You are given the task of finding the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty, the previous emperor having been killed by an unknown assassin. With no true Emperor, the gates to Oblivion (the equivalent of hell in the world of Tamriel) open, and demons begin to invade Cyrodiil and attack its people and towns. It's up to you to find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. In keeping with the Elder Scrolls tradition, players have the option to experience the main quest at their own pace, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the vast world and make your own way. Numerous factions can be joined, such as the thieves or mages guilds, and each contains its own complete storyline and the chance to rise to the head of the faction and reap further rewards. Oblivion features a groundbreaking new AI system, called Radiant AI, which gives non-player characters (NPCs) the ability to make their own choices based on the world around them. They decide where to eat or who to talk to and what they say. They sleep, go to church, and even steal items, all based on their individual characteristics. Full facial animations and lip-synching, combined with full speech for all dialog, allows NPCs to come to life like never before. [Bethesda]
Braid 19.


November 12, 2009
[Playstation Network] Explore the human condition and manipulate time as our hero Tim leaps onto the PlayStation Network in the lush, painterly world of Braid, a puzzle-platformer that takes you from a house in the city on a journey through a series of worlds to solve puzzles and rescue the princess. In each world, you have a different power to affect the way time behaves, including the ability to rewind, create parallel realities and utilize time dilation to overcome the many obstacles in your path. There is no filler in this game; every puzzle shows you something new and interesting about the game world. [Hothead Games]
Mass Effect 3 20.

Mass Effect 3

March 5, 2012
BioWare completes the Mass Effect Trilogy with Mass Effect 3. Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, the only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 21.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

November 11, 2011
The next chapter in the Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose. Play any type of character you can imagine, and do whatever you want; the legendary freedom of choice, storytelling, and adventure of The Elder Scrolls is realized like never before. Skyrim's new game engine brings to life a complete virtual world with rolling clouds, rugged mountains, bustling cities, lush fields, and ancient dungeons. Choose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. The new character system allows you to play any way you want and define yourself through your actions. Battle ancient dragons like you've never seen. As Dragonborn, learn their secrets and harness their power for yourself.
God of War III 22.

God of War III

March 16, 2010
Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game which allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mt. Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus. [SCEA]
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 23.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

November 1, 2011
A search for the fabled "Atlantis of the Sands" propels fortune hunter Nathan Drake on a trek into the heart of the Arabian Desert. When the terrible secrets of this lost city are unearthed, Drake's quest descends into a desperate bid for survival that strains the limits of his endurance and forces him to confront his deepest fears.
Super Street Fighter IV 24.

Super Street Fighter IV

April 27, 2010
The follow-up to Street Fighter IV further redefines the fighting game genre with classic 2D Street Fighter fighting action, a host of new and returning characters, more advanced online gameplay, new ultra combos and much more. Super Street Fighter IV features the full roster of 25 characters from Street Fighter IV such as Ryu, Ken, Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus, while adding about eight characters new to the world of Street Fighter IV. The impressive new roster includes classic combatants from previous Street Fighter games like T. Hawk as well as all-new characters such as the mysterious and deadly female fighter, Juri. Super Street Fighter IV adds new Ultra Combos and advancements to the state of the art online matchmaking and online gameplay introduced in Street Fighter IV with numerous additional features. Super Street Fighter IV takes many of the groundbreaking features introduced in Street Fighter IV and refines everything to deliver the ultimate vision of Street Fighter to fans the world over. [Capcom]
Rock Band 25.

Rock Band

November 20, 2007
Play together in your living room or across the world! Rock Band offers deep online functionality, allowing players to rock together whether they’re in Rhode Island or Reykjavik. Major record labels and leading music publishers have signed on to provide unrivaled access to master recordings and legendary rock artists – from punk, metal and alternative to classic and southern rock. Rock Band ships with 45 fearsome tracks from artists like Bon Jovi and The Ramones to Black Sabbath and Stone Temple Pilots. Full support for downloadable content delivers never-ending challenges. New content will be available every week. Download full albums for play with Rock Band including the iconic rock album 'Who's Next' by The Who. Metallica has signed on to offer several tracks as digitally-distributed game levels for Rock Band as well as "Enter Sandman" for the Rock Band ship disc. Create your own rock avatar! Mold a unique rocker using Rock Band's character creator. Chose from gender, body shape, face, hair, clothes, tattoos and signature moves. Don't forget to pick your specialized rockin’ instrument. Drumming in the spotlight! Showcase a real drum solo with Rock Band's freestyle drum fill windows featured in each song. Break out your own rhythm and style as anything goes! Vocalists can bring the crowd to their feet during Rock Band’s freestyle vocal fill windows. Ad-lib your own words or shout to the crowd to raise the rock intensity of the performance. Band mates can fail out of a song for poor performance, but the band still plays on. Rescue your failing mate by busting out signature moves and blistering solos to wow the crowd with showmanship. Earn bonus points for your band during Rock Band’s Unison Phrase opportunities if everyone plays perfectly. [Harmonix]
Journey 26.


March 13, 2012
Enter the world of Journey, the third game from indie developers thatgamecompany (creators of "flOw" and "Flower"). Journey is an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s. You wake alone and surrounded by miles of burning, sprawling desert, and soon discover the looming mountaintop which is your goal. Faced with rolling sand dunes, age-old ruins, caves and howling winds, your passage will not be an easy one. The goal is to get to the mountaintop, but the experience is discovering who you are, what this place is, and what is your purpose. Travel and explore this ancient, mysterious world alone, or with a stranger you meet along the way. Soar above ruins and glide across sands as you discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization. [thatgamecompany]
The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection 27.

The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

September 27, 2011
This collection provides HD and 3D updates for PS2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 28.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

November 23, 2010
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX continues to uphold NAMCO BANDAI's tradition of enhancing a classic franchise for today's gamer. Building upon PAC-MAN Championship Edition’s original six courses, the new game features more than 100 varied and mind-boggling mazes to navigate. Several new modes will also be available to test a player's pellet-munching aptitude. In Time Attack Mode, players will vie for the quickest clear time. Fulfill a series of objectives in Mission Mode or compete to devour the most number of ghosts gobbled in Ghost Mode.
Rock Band 2 29.

Rock Band 2

October 19, 2008

The 12 Best PS3 Games (Updated 2021)

The PlayStation 3 had no shortage of quality games. If you’re looking to experience some of its best, here are the games that defined the console.

By Caleb ClarkUpdated


The PlayStation 3 is one of the most significant consoles of all time. For one, it had one of the longest life cycles of any console to exist, running for ten years before being discontinued. It is only edged out by the PlayStation 2, with a remarkable thirteen year life cycle, though the best PS3 games easily hold their own against the best PS2 games, and even against the best PS4 games.

The PS3 also brought Sony’s gaming platform into the HD realm, and it’s hardware pushed graphics in console gaming to the limit. Studios like Naughty Dog created some of the most visually stunning games available, and the console had its own exclusives that made it a must have for any gamer.

Yet, some games are better than others, and the PS3's library is no exception to this rule. Here are the best PS3 games to quench your gaming thirst.

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Before Naughty Dog gave us the superb The Last of Us, they honed their technique on the PS3’s hardware with the Uncharted series. These games are what truly launched the goal of games being “cinematic.” The Uncharted series is filled with great and well-written characters, thrilling adventures, and heart-pounding action sequences. Each game ramps up the stakes and the excitement, and while many consider Uncharted 2 to be the best, we are giving it to Uncharted 3.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, Naughty Dog further improved the combat in this game, particularly hand-to-hand combat. The game also made stealth a viable option for some combat scenarios to get the upper hand.

The action sequences are also bigger and more intense than ever, and technical achievements of the game are what add to this. Naughty Dog made an entirely new engine just to make a natural ocean sequence for one part of the game.
The story is also the best of the series. While some of the characters aren’t as memorable as those in Uncharted 2, the emotional depth of the main cast is further explored and we begin to learn more about Nathan Drake and his origins. It’s a thrilling action game that also has some impressive emotional moments that are only topped by the moments in Uncharted 4 for the PS4.

The entire Uncharted series is required playing for any PS3 owner, but we think Uncharted 3 stands among the best of them and deserves the most attention.

Key Features
  • Thrilling action sequences and treasure hunting
  • A more personal and emotional story than prior games
  • Dozens of treasures to find and collect
  • Genre: Action adventure
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: T
  • Publisher: Naughty Dog
  • The game is bigger and more explosive than prior games
  • Combat is more fine-tuned than other games, particularly hand-to-hand
  • Performances are particularly good from main cast
  • Platforming is still imprecise

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The LittleBigPlanet games are one of the most iconic exclusives from the PS3 era, and that all came to a head with LittleBigPlanet 3. Also released on PS4, the creative platformer brought all the charm of the previous two games with more features and creative options than ever.

For one, the sense of scale in the game is greatly improved in nearly every aspect of the game. Whereas every player played as some iteration of Sackboy, there are now four sack people to choose from in LittleBigPlanet 3. That makes each player a bit more distinguishable and offers additional customization options.

The game is also fully voice-acted. Whereas the other two games featured the narrator as the driving voice, LittleBigPlanet 3 has a full cast complete with an antagonist and each character has an accompanying voice actor. It gives Adventure mode a larger sense of scale and gives players more reason to press forward.

In terms of collectibles, there are additional stickers, outfits, and scenery pieces. However, the most significant thing in LittleBigPlanet 3 is its compatibility with the other two games. All the content from the prior games -including user created content- are compatible with LittleBigPlanet 3. That’s great if you’ve invested a lot of time in the games and don’t want to lose all your progress.

There are also more options in create mode, with players being able to use up to 16 layers to design levels. This is a huge improvement over the prior games’ three layers.
If you’re looking for a family game that unleashes the creative side, there isn’t anything on the PS3 that beats LittleBigPlanet 3.

Key Features
  • Fully voice-acted adventure mode
  • Three new player characters to join Sackboy
  • 16 layers to use in creative mode
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Backwards compatible with prior games
  • Adventure mode is more involved and has a full cast and plot
  • Creative mode is more flexible with additional layers
  • No wild innovations on gameplay

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The God of War released on PS4 was a heart-felt and epic game that continues the story of Kratos, and it is one of the best games of the current console generation. That game is preceded by God of War III on the PS3, and it is the conclusion to the original series. The game takes place well before the events of the PS4 game; before Kratos had redeemed part of his humanity.

God of War III is a visceral, blood-thirty experience that is absolutely packed with brutal kill animations and action sequences that complement Kratos’ quest for revenge.

After Kratos mistakenly kills his family in the events of the first game, he becomes the god of war after killing Ares. Then, in God of War II he discovers that his father is Zeus and that all the gods are deserving of punishment. God of War III is the completion of Kratos’ goal to purge the world of the Greek gods.

The game is the first in the series to be rendered in HD, and the game uses that improved fidelity to ramp up the violence. There are also some thrilling action sequences that see Kratos climbing Mount Olympus and slaying titans.

If you haven’t experienced them yet, the God of War series in its entirety is highly recommended. Not only do they provide some context for the latest game, but they’re also just plain old fun. God of War III takes the series’ frantic button-mashing action to new heights with a larger story and more intensity, and that’s why it earns a spot on this list.

Key Features
  • New weapons, spells, and tools for Kratos to get revenge
  • The conclusion of Kratos’ Greek gods plot
  • Flashy and cinematic action sequences
  • Genre: Action
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Ramps the action and violence up to 11
  • New abilities and weapons add extra layers to gameplay
  • Impressive animation
  • Violence might be too gratuitous for some

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The developers at Rockstar Games pioneered the 3D open world with Grand Theft Auto III and have been leaders in the scene ever since. When it was announced that the developer would be taking the GTA formula to the Wild West in Read Dead Redemption, it was met with excitement and skepticism. No one was sure if an open world cowboy game would be as engaging as something more compact like Grand Theft Auto.

The skepticism was quickly put to rest, though. Red Dead Redemption was met with critical praise, and the open-ended formula of Grand Theft Auto was a natural fit for the sprawling setting of fictional New Austin.

Players take on the role of John Marston, a former outlaw turned rancher and family man, who is picked up by a pair of mysterious government agents. Their instructions are clear. John must hunt down members of his old gang or John will never see his family again.

Then you are set loose on an open world that covers dusty ranges, wide open plains, and political conflict in Mexico. It is a massive game that deals with absolute freedom versus the constraints of civilization. There are also tons of animals to be hunted, treasures to be found, and bandits to be captured or killed. The game is almost overwhelming in how much there is to do. The Game of the Year edition also includes the Undead Nightmare: a tongue in cheek zombie-packed add-on.

Red Dead Redemption is the gold standard of open world games and deserves everyone’s attention.

Key Features
  • Massive open world
  • Hunting and sharpshooting challenges
  • Long story campaign
  • Genre: Western action
  • Mode: Single player, online mode
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • The writing is mostly excellent and engaging
  • There is a ton of content to keep players busy
  • Undead Nightmare is a fun distraction
  • The game doesn’t offer much difficulty

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At the launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360, each had their exclusive shooters to entice consumers into investing in their consoles. Microsoft had Gears of War, and Sony had Resistance. While Gears of War had more longevity as a series, Resistance was still a high-quality sci-fi shooter that was inventive and influential in its own right. The first game offered impressive visuals alongside a race of horrifying invading creatures. Resistance 2 upped the stakes and included more sci-fi weaponry, but went a little wonky in the story. Resistance 3 is the peak of the series and a fitting conclusion to the franchise’s story arc.

Resistance has always stood above its peers in humanizing its cast, and that is particularly true in Resistance 3. Taking place four years after the second game, the human resistance against the invading Chimera is all but dissolved. Protagonist Joseph Capelli is living in a human settlement with his wife and young son, but must leave them behind to head to New York in a last ditch effort to close a wormhole that spells doom for the human race. The desperation of the characters and their personal motivations in the conflict is never lost, and that is what makes the game so memorable.

Combine that with the brutal combat and array of weapons in your arsenal, and Resistance 3 is as fun as it is engaging. It’s a game that may not have the same recognition as a series like Gears of War, but is ultimately a more consistent and well-tuned series with emotional depth.

Key Features
  • PlayStation Move compatible
  • A heartfelt story that concludes the Resistance story
  • Large array of powerful sci-fi weapons
  • Genre: 1st person shooter
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Personal story adds weight to conflict
  • Tons of creative and deadly weapons
  • Improved graphics that add variety to levels

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Indie developers have made incredible artistic achievements in the past decade. Some of them have created games so simple and beautiful they would go on to influence the indie scene and the industry at large for years to come. Journey is one of those games.

Thatgamecompany’s third and final game on the PS3 combined their simplistic art style with a dynamic soundtrack to create an experience that is immediately engaging and fulfilling.

Loosely a visual adaptation of The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, the player takes control of a nameless figure in the middle of a desert. After finding a flowing red cape that gives them the ability to fly for brief periods, the character begins making their way towards a mountain in the distance. The journey to this mountain is broken into several sections the player must traverse. These sections are laced with puzzles that the player must also solve to move forward.

Journey was released to praise from players and critics alike, and it won several Game of the Year awards and was nominated for an award for its breath-taking soundtrack. It is also widely considered one of the greatest games ever made.

Beyond the game's solo release, it also comes as part of the Journey Collection, which includes Thatgamecompany’s other two games, Flow and Flower. Flow is a calming rhythmic game, as opposed to the fast-paced rhythmic games like Guitar Hero. Flower is a game where you play as the wind and collect flower petals. It is arguably one of the most peaceful experiences ever.
You can get all three in one package and enjoy them for years to come.

Key Features
  • Three games in one
  • Minimalist art style
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Thatgamecompany
  • The soundtrack is one of the best ever produced
  • The puzzles are challenging without being needlessly obtuse
  • The imagery and experience make for one of the most unique gaming experiences ever
  • It’s pretty short, and there’s little replay value

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JRPGs are a massively popular genre of the industry, even in the west. Part of their appeal was thanks to the PS3, which had a huge library of these games for western audiences to enjoy. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch may be one of the finest examples of the genre, and is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to break into the genre. It’s also just a great game that any gamer or diehard JRPG fan will enjoy.

The story follows a young boy named Oliver. When his mother passes away after saving Oliver from drowning, his stuffed animal - a gift from his mother - comes to life. The doll - named Drippy - informs Oliver that he is from a parallel universe where everyone has a “soulmate” with someone in Oliver’s world. Oliver then goes on a quest to find his mother’s soulmate, hoping that saving her in Drippy’s world will bring his mother back to life.
It’s a surprisingly emotional game designed to make young players empathize with the lead character and make older players nostalgic about their early years. The game accomplishes this, thanks largely in part due to the artwork from acclaimed Studio Ghibli. As the player explores, they must also battle monsters with human companions and familiars - captured enemy creatures that can fight for you.
The game was developed by Level-5, mostly known for the Professor Layton series on the Nintendo DS. Ni no Kuni was highly praised and became one of the best-selling games on PS3.

Key Features
  • Studio Ghibli art style
  • A youthful and heart-warming story
  • Harness human companions and familiars in combat
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: E10+
  • Publisher: Level-5
  • Art style is whimsical and familiar to Studio Ghibli fans
  • The plot is great for kids and adults alike
  • Dynamic fights make gameplay unique from other JRPGs
  • Combat can be sluggish at times

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Released months before the PS4 hit the market, Grand Theft Auto V was one of the last games released on the PS3. It is also a testament to the outstanding hardware on the PS3. Even that late in the console’s life cycle, Rockstar Games was able to pack in one of the largest and most fully realized video game maps ever made. With in that massive map was a world that seemed so fully realized it didn’t seem possible. The game was a glimpse into what would really be possible in the next generation of consoles.

The game follows three protagonists. The first is Michael, a professional criminal who retires after one final score that leaves him set for life. Years later, players take over as Franklin, a young and ambitious Black man looking to escape the environment he grew up in. The last is Trevor, Michael’s former partner in crime and unhinged psychopath. He is a parody of the deranged and violent behavior GTA players regularly engage in.

The game isn’t just crime and violence, though. It is also thought-provoking criticism of a sensationalist and egotistical culture. Set against a parody of Los Angeles, the game introduces us to “normal” people who are cruel, selfish, and every bit as depraved as the criminal protagonists, even if they rarely commit crimes. It’s a witty and well-crafted game that is packed with social commentary.

It’s also just incredibly fun to play.

Key Features
  • Massive open world
  • Three protagonists to switch between
  • A witty and poignant plot
  • Genre: Open world action game
  • Mode: Single player, multiplayer option
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • The game world is one of the largest available even today
  • GTA Online is still alive and well
  • The game is hilarious and has solid social commentary
  • The PS3 version sacrifices visuals for performance

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While many Mortal Kombat titles in the past were remembered for their excessive gore and not for their fighting engines, this iteration of Mortal Kombat is a legitimate competitive fighter, and it has enough gore to make parents run for the hills. Even though the single-player modes are rife with imbalances, the core experience in Mortal Kombat is exciting, challenging, and so so bloody.

I think we all can agree that the plotlines in Mortal Kombat are a bit ridiculous. Ice ninjas, half-dragons and thunder gods are commonplace in this series. In Mortal Kombat, you’ll be reliving the events of Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, so newcomers to the series won’t actually be lost here. Here’s the summary: Shao Kahn is messing up the world. He kills everybody at the end of the Mortal Kombat storyline, so Raiden sends a message back through time to prevent it. The result? Alternate history.

Mortal Kombat returns to a 2D plane in the Komplete Edition. Both one-on-one and tag team matches are available, so there are plenty of options when you’re setting up a fight. When it comes to the basics, each character has a set of simple moves as well as a bunch of special attacks. The crux of Mortal Kombat’s fighting engine is the super gauge, which fills up as you give and receive damage. This is where a fair amount of Mortal Kombat’s strategy comes into play. The gauge is divided into three segments, and those segments can be spent in different ways. Expending one segment will enhance any of your character’s special moves. So instead of Nightwolf’s single flowing green arrow, he fires three.

The gameplay in Mortal Kombat will be different for those of you accustomed to the speed and fluidity of games like Super Street Fighter IV. Landing a combo and executing special moves is more visceral here then in other games. This is thanks to the glorious sound designs, because effects like Kitana’s fans and Jade’s staff sound incredible.

So, with exciting combat, bloody fatalities and tons of things to unlock, Mortal Kombat sounds incredible. Get yourself a copy of this legendary game and “Finish Him!”

Key Features
  • Graphic details, never before seen visuals are presented with the most sophisticated engine
  • By returning to its classic 2D fighting plane, Mortal Kombat introduces an all-new fighting mechanic that’s both accessible & provides the depth that fighting game players look for
  • Mortal Kombat offers the deepest story mode of any fighting game
  • Characters, environments and fatalities have never been presented with as much gory detail
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: WB Games
  • Blood-fueled
  • Intense graphics
  • Incredible story
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List of PlayStation 3 games (A–C)

Title Developer(s) Release date Options Ref.JPPALNA#killallzombiesBeatshapersUnreleasedMarch 17, 2017March 7, 2017[citation needed]&: Sora no Mukō de Saki Masuyō niAkatsuki Works December 26, 2013N/AN/A [1].detuned.theprodukktSeptember 17, 2009October 15, 2009October 15, 2009[2].hack//VersusCyberConnect2June 28, 2012N/AN/A  3D [3]007 LegendsEurocomN/AOctober 19, 2012October 16, 2012[4]007: Quantum of SolaceTreyarchN/AOctober 31, 2008November 4, 2008[5]1942: Joint StrikeBackbone EntertainmentUnreleasedJuly 24, 2008July 24, 2008[6]2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaEA CanadaMay 13, 2010April 29, 2010April 27, 2010[7]2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilEA CanadaApril 24, 2014April 17, 2014April 15, 2014[8]2nd Super Robot Wars Original GenerationBandai Namco GamesNovember 29, 2012N/AN/A [9]3 on 3 NHL ArcadeEA CanadaFebruary 12, 2009February 5, 2009February 5, 2009[citation needed]3D Dot Game HeroesSilicon StudioNovember 5, 2009May 14, 2010May 11, 2010[10]3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2Wanako GamesUnreleasedJune 29, 2011November 16, 2010[citation needed]428: Shibuya ScrambleChunsoftSeptember 3, 2009N/AN/A [11]4 ElementsBoolat GamesUnreleasedAugust 31, 2011August 30, 2011 M [12]50 Cent: Blood on the SandSwordfish StudiosJuly 23, 2009February 20, 2009February 24, 2009[13]5 Star WrestlingSerious Parody UnreleasedMarch 18, 2015March 17, 2015[citation needed]99VidasQUByte Interactive Un­knownTBAJuly 18, 2017[citation needed]A-MenBloober TeamUnreleasedOctober 17, 2012March 26, 2013[citation needed]A-Men 2Bloober TeamUnreleasedNovember 6, 2013November 5, 2013[citation needed]A Boy and His BlobAbstraction Games UnreleasedJune 28, 2016June 28, 2016[citation needed]Aabs AnimalsAabs December 19, 2013December 18, 2013December 17, 2013[citation needed]Aaru's AwakeningLumenox Games August 5, 2015April 8, 2015April 7, 2015[citation needed]Absolute SupercarsEutechnyxAugust 29, 2013November 6, 2012November 6, 2012[14]Abyss OdysseyACE TeamUnreleasedJuly 16, 2014July 15, 2014[citation needed]Acceleration of Suguri X EditionRockin' Android UnreleasedFebruary 16, 2011February 15, 2011[citation needed]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track PackHarmonix Music SystemsN/AApril 19, 2009November 18, 2008[15]Ace Combat: Assault HorizonNamcoOctober 13, 2011October 14, 2011October 11, 2011[16]Ace Combat InfinityNamcoMay 20, 2014May 28, 2014May 27, 2014 F2P [citation needed]Adidas miCoachLightning FishN/AJuly 24, 2012July 13, 2012 M [17]Adam's Venture ChroniclesVertigo Games N/AFebruary 4, 2014February 4, 2014[18]The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the UnicornUbisoft MontpellierN/AOctober 21, 2011December 6, 2011 M [19]Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!WayForward TechnologiesN/ANovember 14, 2013AUNovember 15, 2013EUNovember 19, 2013[20]Adventure Time: Finn & Jake InvestigationsVicious Cycle SoftwareN/ANovember 6, 2015October 20, 2015[21]Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomWayForward TechnologiesNovember 18, 2014November 18, 2014November 18, 2014[22]Aegis of Earth: Protonovus AssaultAcquireJuly 2, 2015April 22, 2016March 15, 2016[23]AFL LiveBig Ant StudiosN/AApril 21, 2011AUN/A [24]AFL Live 2Wicked Witch SoftwareN/ASeptember 12, 2013AUN/A [25]Afrika

Hakuna MatataAsia

Rhino Studios August 28, 2008N/AOctober 13, 2009[26]Afro SamuraiNamco BandaiN/AMarch 27, 2009January 27, 2009[27]After Burner ClimaxSegaApril 21, 2010April 22, 2010April 22, 2010[citation needed]After Hours AthletesXDevN/ANovember 18, 2011N/A [28]Age of BootyCertain AffinityUnreleasedNovember 27, 2008November 13, 2008[29]The Agency: Covert OpsSOE Seattle N/AN/AN/A  C [30]Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersGames Farm N/ADecember 7, 2012August 6, 2013 M [31]Air Conflicts: Secret WarsGames Farm N/AJuly 8, 2011November 15, 2011 M [32]Air Conflicts: VietnamGames Farm September 12, 2013October 18, 2013November 19, 2013 M [33]Akatsuki no Goei TrinityM2September 20, 2012N/AN/A [34]AKB1/149 Ren'ai SōsenkyoNamco Bandai GamesSeptember 12, 2013N/AN/A [35]Akiba's Trip: Undead & UndressedAcquire / XSEED / NIS AmericaNovember 7, 2013October 10, 2014August 12, 2014[36]Akimi VillageNinjaBeeUnreleasedJune 21, 2011June 14, 2011[citation needed]Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldSegaMay 23, 2012May 23, 2012May 22, 2012[citation needed]Alice: Madness ReturnsSpicy HorseJuly 21, 2011June 16, 2011June 14, 2011[37]Alien BreedTeam17UnreleasedFebruary 6, 2013February 12, 2013[citation needed]Alien Breed 2: AssaultTeam17UnreleasedDecember 8, 2010December 7, 2010[citation needed]Alien Breed 3: DescentTeam17UnreleasedFebruary 23, 2011February 22, 2011[citation needed]Alien Breed: ImpactTeam17UnreleasedSeptember 1, 2010October 5, 2010[38]Alien RageCI GamesFebruary 6, 2014October 23, 2013October 22, 2013[citation needed]Alien ShooterSigma Team UnreleasedJanuary 8, 2016March 8, 2016[citation needed]Alien SpidyEnigma Software Productions UnreleasedMay 8, 2013July 16, 2013[citation needed]Alien Zombie Mega DeathPomPom GamesUnreleasedJuly 6, 2011June 21, 2011[citation needed]Aliens: Colonial MarinesGearbox SoftwareN/AFebruary 12, 2013February 12, 2013[39]Alien: IsolationCreative AssemblyN/AOctober 7, 2014October 7, 2014[40]Aliens vs. PredatorRebellion DevelopmentsN/AFebruary 19, 2010February 16, 2010[41]All-Pro Football 2K8Visual ConceptsN/AN/AJuly 16, 2007[42]All Zombies Must Die!DoubleSixUn­knownJanuary 4, 2012December 27, 2011 3D [citation needed]Alone in the Dark: InfernoEden StudiosDecember 25, 2008November 21, 2008November 18, 2008[43]Alpha ProtocolObsidian EntertainmentN/AMay 28, 2010June 1, 2010[44]Altered BeastSegaAugust 31, 2011September 21, 2011September 20, 2011[citation needed]The Amazing Spider-ManBeenoxN/AJune 29, 2012June 26, 2012 M [45]The Amazing Spider-Man 2BeenoxN/AMay 2, 2014April 29, 2014[46]American Mensa AcademySilverball StudiosUnreleasedDecember 12, 2012February 5, 2013[citation needed]AmplitudeHarmonixUnreleasedApril 5, 2016April 5, 2016[citation needed]AMYVectorCellUnreleasedJanuary 11, 2012January 17, 2012[citation needed]Anarchy: Rush HourGaijin EntertainmentUnreleasedMay 5, 2010March 25, 2010[citation needed]Anarchy ReignsPlatinumGamesJuly 5, 2012January 11, 2013January 8, 2013[47]Angel Love OnlineUserJoy TechnologyJuly 7, 2011N/AN/A  F2P [48]Angel SenkiUserJoy TechnologyJuly 7, 2011N/AN/A [citation needed]Anna: Extended EditionDreampainters UnreleasedApril 1, 2015March 31, 2015[citation needed]Anomaly: Warzone Earth11 bit studiosUnreleasedAugust 29, 2012September 11, 2012[citation needed]Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionThe Digital Lounge UnreleasedJune 25, 2014July 8, 2014[citation needed]Another Century's Episode: RFrom SoftwareAugust 19, 2010N/AN/A [49]Angry Birds Star WarsRovio EntertainmentN/ANovember 1, 2013October 29, 2013[50]Angry Birds TrilogyRovio EntertainmentN/ASeptember 28, 2013September 25, 2013 M [51]Apache: Air AssaultGaijin EntertainmentN/ANovember 19, 2011November 16, 2011[52]Ape EscapeJapan StudioDecember 9, 2010June 22, 2011July 5, 2011 M [53]Apples to ApplesImaginEngineUnreleasedUnreleasedDecember 20, 2011[citation needed]Aqua Panic!Eko Software UnreleasedApril 8, 2010October 19, 2010[citation needed]Aqua VitaLondon Studio, Playlogic EntertainmentUnreleasedOctober 25, 2007November 20, 2007 E Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden MemoriesIremSeptember 25, 2008N/AN/A [54]Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream MatchExamuAugust 30, 2012N/ANovember 19, 2013[55]Ar NosurgeGust Co. Ltd.March 6, 2014September 26, 2014September 23, 2014[56]Arcadias no IkusaimeNippon Ichi SoftwareSeptember 26, 2013N/AN/A [57]Arcana Heart 3ExamuJanuary 13, 2011August 19, 2011April 19, 2011[58]Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!!ExamuMay 29, 2014November 20, 2014September 23, 2014[59]Arcania: The Complete TaleBlack Forest GamesN/AJuly 15, 2013August 30, 2013[citation needed]Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar CielGust CorporationJanuary 28, 2010April 1, 2011March 15, 2011[60]Arkedo Series – 001 JUMP!Arkedo StudioUnreleasedAugust 24, 2011October 16, 2012[citation needed]Arkedo Series – 002 SWAP!Arkedo StudioUnreleasedSeptember 21, 2011October 16, 2012[citation needed]Arkedo Series – 003 PIXEL!Arkedo StudioUnreleasedSeptember 28, 2011October 16, 2012[citation needed]Armageddon RidersTargem GamesUnreleasedJune 2, 2011June 3, 2011[citation needed]Armored Core 4From SoftwareDecember 21, 2006June 22, 2007March 20, 2007[61]Armored Core: For AnswerFrom SoftwareMarch 19, 2008October 31, 2008September 16, 2008[62]Armored Core VFrom SoftwareJanuary 26, 2012March 23, 2012March 20, 2012[63]Armored Core: Verdict DayFrom SoftwareSeptember 26, 2013September 27, 2013September 24, 2013[64]Army of TwoEA MontrealMarch 19, 2008March 7, 2008March 4, 2008[65]Army of Two: The 40th DayEA MontrealMarch 25, 2010January 15, 2010January 12, 2010[66]Army of Two: The Devil's CartelVisceral MontrealMarch 28, 2013March 29, 2013March 26, 2013[67]Arthur and the Revenge of MaltazardUbisoftN/ASeptember 24, 2010N/A [68]Asdivine HeartsKemcoDecember 13, 2016TBAJanuary 7, 2017[citation needed]Ashes Cricket 2009Transmission GamesN/AAugust 6, 2009N/A [69]Assassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealNovember 29, 2007November 16, 2007November 14, 2007[70]Assassin's Creed IIUbisoft MontrealDecember 3, 2009November 19, 2009November 17, 2009[71]Assassin's Creed IIIUbisoft MontrealN/AOctober 31, 2012October 30, 2012 3D [72]Assassin's Creed: Liberation HDUbisoft SofiaMarch 27, 2014January 15, 2014January 14, 2014[citation needed]Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagUbisoft MontrealNovember 28, 2013November 1, 2013October 29, 2013[73]Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodUbisoft MontrealDecember 9, 2010November 19, 2010November 16, 2010[74]Assassin's Creed: RevelationsUbisoft MontrealDecember 1, 2011November 15, 2011November 15, 2011 3D [75]Assassin's Creed RogueUbisoft SofiaDecember 11, 2014November 13, 2014November 11, 2014[76]Assault HeroesWanako GamesUnreleasedUnreleasedJanuary 28, 2010[citation needed]Astro TripperPomPom GamesAugust 19, 2010December 11, 2008March 12, 2009[77]Asura's WrathCyberConnect2February 23, 2012February 24, 2012February 21, 2012[78]Atelier Arland TrilogyGust Corporation, NIS AmericaN/AMarch 6, 2015October 13, 2015[citation needed]Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of DuskGust CorporationJune 28, 2012March 8, 2013March 5, 2013[79]Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk SkyGust CorporationJune 27, 2013March 11, 2014March 7, 2014[80]Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of ArlandGust CorporationJune 23, 2011May 25, 2012May 29, 2012[81]Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of ArlandGust CorporationJune 25, 2009October 22, 2010September 28, 2010[82]Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of ArlandGust CorporationNovember 21, 2013June 20, 2014June 24, 2014[83][84]Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk SeaGust CorporationJuly 17, 2014March 13, 2015March 10, 2015[85]Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious BookGust CorporationNovember 19, 2015N/AN/A [citation needed]Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of ArlandGust CorporationJune 24, 2010September 27, 2011September 30, 2011[86]Atomic NinjasGrip DigitalUnreleasedOctober 2, 2013October 8, 2013[citation needed]Auditorium HDCipher Prime / Empty Clip StudiosUnreleasedUnreleasedNovember 23, 2010 3D  M [87]Avatar: The GameUbisoft MontrealN/ADecember 4, 2009December 1, 2009 3D [88]The AvengersBlue Tongue EntertainmentN/AN/AN/A  C [89]The Awakened Fate UltimatumNippon Ichi SoftwareSeptember 25, 2014March 27, 2015March 25, 2015[citation needed]AwesomenautsRonimo GamesUnreleasedMay 2, 2012May 1, 2012[citation needed]Babel RisingMondo ProductionsUnreleasedJune 13, 2012June 12, 2012Back to BedBedtime Digital GamesFebruary 9, 2017August 25, 2015August 25, 2015Back to the Future: The GameTelltale GamesN/AMay 4, 2012October 25, 2011[90]BackbreakerNaturalMotionN/AJune 25, 2010June 1, 2010[91]Backgammon BlitzVooFoo StudiosUnreleasedJanuary 29, 2014April 15, 2014Badland: Game of the Year EditionFrogmindJune 7, 2017May 28, 2015May 26, 2015Baja: Edge of Control2XL GamesN/ASeptember 26, 2008September 22, 2008[92]Bakugan Battle BrawlersNow ProductionN/AOctober 23, 2009October 20, 2009[93]Bakugan: Defenders of the CoreNow ProductionN/AOctober 29, 2010October 26, 2010[94]BandFuse: Rock LegendsRealta Entertainment GroupDecember 19, 2013N/ANovember 19, 2013[95]Band HeroNeversoftN/ANovember 6, 2009November 3, 2009[96]Bang!SpinVectorUnreleasedOctober 16, 2015Unreleased Bang Bang RacingDigital RealityUnreleasedJune 13, 2012June 5, 2012Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy RescueTorus GamesN/ANovember 20, 2015December 17, 2015[97]BarnanzaStraight RightUnreleasedNovember 16, 2016TBA Batman: Arkham AsylumRocksteady StudiosJanuary 14, 2010August 28, 2009August 25, 2009[98]Batman: Arkham CityRocksteady StudiosNovember 23, 2011October 21, 2011October 18, 2011 3D [99]Batman: Arkham OriginsWB Games MontréalDecember 5, 2013October 25, 2013October 25, 2013[100]Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe EditionArmature StudioTBAApril 2, 2014April 1, 2014Batman: The Dark KnightPandemic StudiosN/AN/AN/A  C [101][102]Batman: The Telltale SeriesTelltale GamesSeptember 13, 2016September 13, 2016September 13, 2016[103]Battle FantasiaArc System WorksMay 29, 2008March 6, 2009December 22, 2009[104]Battle of Tiles EXBimboosoftJanuary 24, 2013October 9, 2013October 8, 2013Battle TanksGameloftApril 22, 2010August 27, 2009September 3, 2009Battle vs. ChessTargem Games / Zuxxez EntertainmentN/AMay 11, 2011N/A [105]Battle: Los AngelesLive Action StudiosUnreleasedApril 20, 2011March 22, 2011Battlefield 1943EA DICEJuly 16, 2009July 9, 2009July 9, 2009[106]Battlefield 3EA Digital Illusions CENovember 2, 2011October 28, 2011October 25, 2011[107]Battlefield 4EA Digital Illusions CEOctober 31, 2013November 1, 2013October 29, 2013[108]Battlefield HardlineEA Digital Illusions CEMarch 29, 2015March 20, 2015March 17, 2015[109]Battlefield: Bad CompanyEA Digital Illusions CEAugust 28, 2008June 27, 2008June 23, 2008[110]Battlefield: Bad Company 2EA Digital Illusions CEMarch 11, 2010March 5, 2010March 2, 2010[111]Battle Princess of ArcadiasApolloSoft June 17, 2014N/AN/A [112]BattleshipDouble Helix GamesN/AApril 20, 2012May 15, 2012[113]BayonettaPlatinumGamesOctober 29, 2009January 8, 2010January 5, 2010[114]Beat Hazard UltraCold Beam GamesUnreleasedOctober 19, 2011October 18, 2011Beat SketcherJapan StudioOctober 21, 2010N/ADecember 1, 2010 M [115]Beautiful KatamariBandai Namco EntertainmentN/AN/AN/A  C [116]The Beatles: Rock BandHarmonix Music SystemsN/ASeptember 9, 2009September 9, 2009[117]Beer Pong!JV GamesUnreleasedTBA October 22, 2013Beijing 2008EurocomJuly 31, 2008June 27, 2008July 8, 2008[118]Bejeweled 2PopCap GamesUnreleasedMay 14, 2009January 29, 2009[119]Bejeweled 3PopCap GamesN/AApril 27, 2012April 27, 2012[120]Bellator: MMA OnslaughtKung Fu FactoryUnreleasedTBA July 3, 2012Ben 10: Galactic RacingD3 PublisherN/ANovember 25, 2011November 25, 2011[121]Ben 10: OmniverseD3 PublisherN/ANovember 13, 2012November 13, 2012[122]Ben 10: Omniverse 2D3 PublisherN/ANovember 22, 2013November 22, 2013[123]Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic DestructionD3 PublisherN/AOctober 29, 2010October 29, 2010[124]Bentley's HackpackSanzaru GamesUnreleasedFebruary 6, 2013February 5, 2013Beowulf: The GameUbisoft ShanghaiN/ANovember 23, 2007November 13, 2007[125]Best of Arcade Games (Air Hockey, Brick Breaker, Bubble Buster, Tetraminos)Bigben InteractiveUnreleasedJanuary 21, 2015January 20, 2015Best of Board Games (Chess, Mahjong, Solitaire)Bigben InteractiveUnreleasedUnreleased October 14, 2014Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1SCEAN/AJune 25, 2013June 25, 2013[126]Beyond Good & Evil HDUbisoft ShanghaiUnreleasedJune 8, 2011June 28, 2011Beyond the Future: Fix the Time ArrowsM2October 12, 2011N/AN/A [127]Beyond: Two SoulsQuantic DreamOctober 17, 2013October 11, 2013October 8, 2013[128]Bikkuri Pachinko: Ashita no Joe – Kyoraku Collection Vol.1Kyoraku Sangyou Holdings April 29, 2011N/AN/A [citation needed]Big Sky InfinityBoss BaddieUnreleasedDecember 12, 2012December 11, 2012Bionic CommandoGRINJune 25, 2009May 22, 2009May 19, 2009[129]Bionic Commando RearmedGRINAugust 13, 2008August 28, 2008August 14, 2008[130]Bionic Commando Rearmed 2FatsharkUnreleasedFebruary 2, 2011February 1, 2011Binary DomainSega JapanFebruary 16, 2012February 24, 2012February 28, 2012[131]BioShockIrrational Games / 2K Marin December 25, 2008October 17, 2008October 21, 2008[132]BioShock 22K Marin / Digital Extremes / 2K Australia / 2K China / Arkane StudiosMarch 4, 2010February 9, 2010February 9, 2010[133]BioShock InfiniteIrrational GamesMarch 26, 2013March 26, 2013March 26, 2013 M [134]Birds of SteelGaijin EntertainmentMarch 8, 2012March 16, 2012March 13, 2012[135]Black Knight SwordGrasshopper ManufactureJanuary 10, 2013TBA December 11, 2012Blacklight: Tango DownZombie StudiosUnreleasedNovember 3, 2010October 26, 2010BlackSite: Area 51Midway Studios AustinN/AMarch 7, 2008December 10, 2007[136]Blade Arcus from Shining EXSegaNovember 26, 2015N/AN/A [137]Blade KittenKrome StudiosUnreleasedSeptember 22, 2010September 20, 2010Blades of TimeGaijin EntertainmentMarch 8, 2012March 16, 2012March 6, 2012[138]Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarOmega ForceAugust 30, 2007November 2, 2007November 6, 2007[139]Blast Factor[140]Bluepoint GamesNovember 11, 2006March 23, 2007November 17, 2006BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerArc System WorksJune 25, 2009April 2, 2010June 30, 2009[141]BlazBlue: Central FictionArc System WorksOctober 6, 2016November 4, 2016November 1, 2016[142]BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftArc System WorksJuly 1, 2010December 3, 2010July 27, 2010[143]BlazBlue: Chrono PhantasmaArc System WorksNovember 21, 2013April 23, 2014March 25, 2014[144]BlazeRushTargem GamesUnreleasedOctober 29, 2014November 4, 2014Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIUbisoft BucharestJuly 5, 2007March 23, 2007December 12, 2006[145]Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWIIUbisoft BucharestMarch 19, 2008November 23, 2007November 6, 2007[146]Bleach: Soul ResurrecciónJapan StudioJune 23, 2011September 16, 2011August 2, 2011[147]Blitz: The League IIMidway GamesN/AOctober 24, 2008October 13, 2008[148]BlokusGameloftJanuary 12, 2011December 22, 2010December 21, 2010Blood DriveSidheN/ANovember 19, 2010November 2, 2010[149]Blood KnightsDtp entertainmentUnreleasedJune 26, 2013November 19, 2013Blood of the WerewolfScientifically ProvenUnreleasedTBA October 28, 2014BloodBath: Fight for your lifeUIG N/AMay 2, 2014N/A [150]BloodRayne: BetrayalWayForward TechnologiesMay 1, 2014September 7, 2011September 6, 2011Blue-Collar AstronautMutated SoftwareUnreleasedTBA March 14, 2017Blue Toad Murder FilesRelentless SoftwareUnreleasedDecember 17, 2009March 25, 2010 M [151]BlurBizarre CreationsJuly 22, 2010May 28, 2010May 25, 2010[152]BodycountCodemasters Studios Guildford N/ASeptember 2, 2011August 30, 2011[153]BoltAvalanche SoftwareN/AFebruary 13, 2009November 18, 2008[154]Bomberman UltraHudson SoftJune 18, 2009September 17, 2009June 11, 2009 E [155]Bonk: Brink of ExtinctionPi StudiosN/AN/AN/A  C [156]BorderlandsGearbox SoftwareFebruary 10, 2010October 23, 2009October 20, 2009[157]Borderlands 2Gearbox SoftwareOctober 25, 2012September 21, 2012September 18, 2012[158]Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!2K AustraliaOctober 29, 2014October 17, 2014October 14, 2014[159]Bound by FlameSpidersN/AMay 9, 2014May 9, 2014[160]BraidHothead GamesSeptember 9, 2010December 17, 2009November 12, 2009[161]Brain ChallengeGameloftN/ADecember 5, 2008December 4, 2008[162]Brave: The Video GameBehaviour InteractiveN/AJuly 27, 2012June 19, 2012 M [163]BrinkSplash DamageJuly 14, 2011May 13, 2011May 10, 2011[164]Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsStarbreeze StudiosJanuary 28, 2014September 4, 2013September 3, 2013Brothers in Arms: Furious 4Gearbox SoftwareN/AN/AN/A  C [165]Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayGearbox SoftwareNovember 27, 2008September 26, 2008September 23, 2008[166]Brunswick Pro BowlingFarSight StudiosN/AApril 8, 2011September 22, 2010 M [167]Brütal LegendDouble Fine ProductionsN/AOctober 16, 2009October 13, 2009[168]BulletstormPeople Can FlyFebruary 24, 2011February 25, 2011February 22, 2011[169]BurgerTime World TourFrozen CodebaseUnreleasedMarch 28, 2012November 15, 2011Burn Zombie BurnDoublesixUnreleasedMarch 26, 2009March 26, 2009[170]Burnout Crash!Criterion GamesSeptember 21, 2011September 21, 2011September 20, 2011Burnout ParadiseCriterion GamesFebruary 21, 2008January 25, 2008January 22, 2008 E [171]Buzz!: Brain of the WorldRelentless SoftwareN/AMarch 26, 2009N/A [172]Buzz! Junior: Dino DenCohort StudiosUnreleasedDecember 10, 2009Unreleased [173]Buzz! Junior: Jungle PartyCohort StudiosUnreleasedAugust 28, 2008March 12, 2009[174]Buzz! Junior: Monster RumbleCohort StudiosUnreleasedSeptember 3, 2009October 15, 2009[175]Buzz! Junior: Robo JamCohort StudiosUnreleasedMay 14, 2009July 9, 2009[176]Buzz!: Quiz TVRelentless SoftwareN/AJuly 4, 2008September 23, 2008 E [177]Buzz!: Quiz WorldRelentless SoftwareN/AOctober 30, 2009November 10, 2009 E [178]Buzz!: The Ultimate Music QuizRelentless SoftwareN/AAugust 22, 2010N/A  M [179]Cabela's Adventure CampCauldronN/AN/ANovember 1, 2011 M [180]Cabela's African AdventuresActivisionN/AN/AOctober 15, 2013[181]Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010Cauldron HQN/AN/ASeptember 29, 2009[182]Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012Cauldron HQSeptember 27, 2011September 27, 2011September 27, 2011 M [183]Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro HuntsCauldronN/AN/AMarch 25, 2014[184]Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009Sand Grain StudiosN/AMarch 12, 2008September 23, 2008[185]Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011ActivisionN/AN/AMay 6, 2011 M [186]Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013ActivisionN/AN/AOctober 23, 2012[187]Cabela's Hunting ExpeditionsFun LabsN/AN/AAugust 23, 2012[188]Cabela's North American AdventuresFun LabsN/AN/ASeptember 14, 2010[189]Cabela's Outdoor AdventuresActivisionN/AN/ASeptember 8, 2009[190]Cabelas Survival: Shadows of KatmaiFun LabsN/AN/ANovember 1, 2011 M [191]Caladrius BlazeMOSSAugust 28, 2014N/AN/A [192]Call of Duty 3TreyarchJune 14, 2007March 23, 2007November 17, 2006[193]Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareInfinity WardDecember 27, 2007November 2, 2007November 5, 2007[194]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Infinity WardDecember 10, 2009November 10, 2009November 10, 2009[195]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer GamesNovember 17, 2011November 8, 2011November 8, 2011[196]Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareSledgehammer Games, High Moon StudiosNovember 4, 2014November 4, 2014November 4, 2014[197]Call of Duty: Black OpsTreyarchNovember 18, 2010November 9, 2010November 9, 2010 3D [198]Call of Duty: Black Ops IITreyarchNovember 12, 2012November 12, 2012November 12, 2012 3D [199]Call of Duty: Black Ops IIITreyarch, Mercenary Technology November 6, 2015November 6, 2015November 6, 2015[citation needed]Call of Duty: GhostsInfinity WardNovember 14, 2013November 5, 2013November 5, 2013[200]Call of Duty: World at WarTreyarchN/ANovember 13, 2008November 11, 2008[201]Call of Juarez: Bound in BloodTechlandJuly 23, 2009July 3, 2009June 30, 2009[202]Call of Juarez: GunslingerTechlandJuly 10, 2013

PlayStation Now Games


Sacred 3: Gold Edition

Sacred Citadel

Saints Row 2

Saints Row The Third

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

Sam and Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone

Sam and Max: BT&S – Chariots of the Dogs

Sam and Max: BT&S – Ice Station Santa

Sam and Max: BT&S – Moai Better Blues

Sam and Max: BT&S – Night of the Raving Dead

Sam and Max: BT&S – What’s New Beelzebub?

Sam and Max Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

Sam and Max Episode 3: They Stole Max’s Brain

Sam and Max Episode 4: Beyoind the Alley of the Dolls

Sam and Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep

Samurai Warriors 4

Sanctum 2

Savage Moon

Seasons After Fall

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

SEGA Bass Fishing

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Colossus


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

Siegecraft Commander

Silent Hill HD Collection

Sine Mora EX



Ps3 games releases latest

Best PS3 Games

Top PlayStation 3 games of all time


The Last of Us

Jun 14, 2013


Grand Theft Auto V

Sep 17, 2013


Bioshock Infinite

Mar 26, 2013


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Oct 13, 2009


Mass Effect 2

Jan 18, 2011


Red Dead Redemption

May 18, 2010

Best PS3 RPGs

Top roleplaying games on PlayStation 3


Mass Effect 2

Jan 18, 2011


Borderlands 2

Sep 18, 2012


Mass Effect 3

Mar 6, 2012


Dark Souls II

Mar 11, 2014


Demon's Souls

Oct 6, 2009


Child of Light

Apr 29, 2014


Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Jan 22, 2013


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Nov 11, 2011

Best Indie PS3 Games

Top indie games on PlayStation 3


Sound Shapes

Aug 7, 2012


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Mar 10, 2015


Hotline Miami

Jun 25, 2013


Rogue Legacy

Jul 29, 2014


The Swapper

Aug 5, 2014



Apr 9, 2013
Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

May 26, 2017
Get ready to rock again! Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 includes new fighters, moves, story chapters and more! It's never been a better time to be a 2.5D brawler in the post apocalypse! Hone your skills with an eclectic cast of 25 insane fighters and prove your mettle as the ultimate fighting master.
Revenant Saga

Revenant Saga

May 9, 2017
Experience stunning 3D battles and find the truth beyond revenge! After being turned into an immortal being known as a 'Revenant' and learning of the existence of a demon within him, Albert sets out on a journey to make the person who did this to him pay with their very life. However, as he runs into others along the way dealing with their own figurative demons, what is the answer he finds...?
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

April 25, 2017
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is the action-packed prequel to Shovel Knight! Take control of Specter Knight, servant to the Enchantress, in a quest to recruit a cadre of knights and create the Order of No Quarter. With his scythe and preternatural agility at the ready, he can glide across the ground, clamber up walls, and command an arsenal of curious weapons. If he carries out his duties, Specter Knight may have a chance at regaining his lost humanity and breaking his chains of servitude. But what cruel tricks might the Enchantress have up her sleeve?
Persona 5

Persona 5

April 4, 2017
Persona 5 is the fifth entry in the Persona series.
Blue-Collar Astronaut

Blue-Collar Astronaut

March 14, 2017
Fly across the cosmos delivering pizza, pulling freight, and paying off your student loans! This easy to play but hard to master 2D spaceflight genre-buster will have you literally and figuratively exploring upwards mobility on your way to fulfilling the space-dream! A hovering billboard reads "Launch yourself into riches" and begs you to attend driving education. What could go wrong? Next stop: riches! Conquer 40+ diverse levels using 3 distinct ships! If that's not enough, challenge yourself with 5 unique ways to play each level! While you're at it, why not drink in the hand-drawn art and original sound track! Play a quick level or stay for hours. We know you're a busy person with busy person problems! Amass a space fortune as you tackle your debts and buy the shiniest of shinies! And do all that while laughing at Newtonian physics as you orbit bodies and deal with open space! Exclamation Marks!!!!!


March 7, 2017
In the distant future; #KILLALLZOMBIES is thrusting civilians into a sport of survival were a ravenous zombie population is unleashed in the name of sports entertainment with television spectators voting upon how many zombies they want to uncage to make survival all the more harder for you to accomplish with the potential of a collective horde of over 1,000 zombies.
Asdivine Hearts

Asdivine Hearts

January 10, 2017
Travel alongside four companions and a cat in a fantasy RPG featuring stunning animated turn-based battles! One year ago, the world of Asdivine was enveloped by a brilliant flash of light. Since that time, the influence of shadow has only continued to grow ever more powerful across the face of the land. Although the event itself was undoubtedly connected with the heavens, few people seem to have realized the far-reaching implications of what transpired. Now turning to the present, a surprising revelation awaits a young man by the name of Zack and his childhood friend, Stella, in the capital from a chubby cat claiming to be none other than the Light Deity and declaring the world to be on the verge of destruction... Asdivine Hearts boasts of groundbreaking visual quality, plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to complete. By taking puzzle piece-like jewels and setting them in a box known as a rubix, players are able to customize characters! How far can you level and how many millions of damage can you dish out? All these challenges await you and more!
King's Quest Epilogue

King's Quest Epilogue

December 20, 2016
Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 5: City of Light

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 5: City of Light

December 13, 2016
The leader of the Children of Arkham prepares to execute the final act of a plan to destroy the Wayne family name, and the people closest to you are in their path of vengeance. Can Batman's ultimate secret be kept - his very identity - when it is causing chaos and death in Gotham? The fate of the Wayne family and of the city itself rests on your choices. What will you do? How far will you go? Which mask will you wear?
Call of Duty: Black Ops Collection

Call of Duty: Black Ops Collection

December 1, 2016
Featuring the two best-selling titiles of all time on PS3 and the #1 best-selling title of 2015. Collection includes: Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops - Zombie Campaign DLC

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops - Zombie Campaign DLC

November 29, 2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017: Trial Edition

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017: Trial Edition

November 28, 2016
Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

November 22, 2016
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Handball 17

Handball 17

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Es

BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Es

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Mai Natsume

BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Mai Natsume

November 1, 2016
BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Susano'o

BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Additional Playable Character Susano'o

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Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series - The Complete Adventure

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Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 3: New World Order

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PlayStation 3

"PS3" redirects here. For other uses, see PS3 (disambiguation).

Sony's third home video game console, part of the seventh generation

Original PlayStation 3 logo

New PlayStation 3 logo
Original model
Slim model
Super Slim model
  • Top: Original PlayStation 3 (2006)
  • Center: PlayStation 3 Slim (2009)
  • Bottom: PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012)
Also known asPS3
DeveloperSony Computer Entertainment
ManufacturerSony Electronics, Foxconn, Asus[1]
Product familyPlayStation
TypeHome video game console
GenerationSeventh generation
Release date
  • JP: November 11, 2006; 14 years ago (2006-11-11)
  • NA: November 17, 2006; 14 years ago (2006-11-17)
  • PAL: March 23, 2007; 14 years ago (2007-03-23)
Introductory priceUS$499.99 (20 GB model)
US$599.99 (60 GB model)
  • NZ: September 29, 2015
  • EU: March 2016
  • AU: March 2016
  • NA: October 2016
  • JP: May 29, 2017
Units shipped87.4 million
(as of March 31, 2017[update])[2]
Operating systemPlayStation 3 system software[4][5]
CPU3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE and 8 SPEs
Memory256 MB XDR DRAM system and 256 MB GDDR3 video
  • Removable 2.5-inch SATA hard drive(20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB, 320 GB or 500 GB included) (user upgradable to a 1 TB readable partition)
  • Non-removable 12 GB NAND flash memory(Super Slim only, can be replaced with a hard drive)

Video output formats

    • Composite video(480i, 576i (PAL))
    • S-Video(480i, 576i (PAL))
    • RGB SCART(480i, 576i (PAL))
    • Component (YPBPR) (480i, 576i (PAL), 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    • D-Terminal(480i (D1), 480p (D2), 720p (D4), 1080i (D3), 1080p (D5))
    • HDMI(480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
Graphics550 MHz Nvidia/SCEIRSX Reality Synthesizer

Audio output formats

  • A/V-MultiTOSLINKHDMI *All models can decode Dolby TrueHD and as of firmware 2.30 DTS-HD Master Audio, to be output as LPCM. Output of the raw undecoded stream is limited to slim models.[6]
Controller inputSixaxis, DualShock 3, DualShock 4, DualSense,[7][8]Logitech Driving Force GT, Logitech Cordless Precision Controller, standard USB controllers, GT Force, rhythm game controllers, PlayStation Move, PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Remote Control, GunCon 3, PlayStation Portable, Wonderbook, PlayStation Vita, keyboard and mouse


  • Flash memory input* Audio/video outputOther
      • 60 GB and CECHExx 80 GB models
        • Slim models only
          • Included in box
            • All except 20 GB model
Online servicesPlayStation Network
Best-selling gameGrand Theft Auto V: 34 million copies
  • PlayStation(all models)
  • PlayStation 2(20 GB, 60 GB and some (CECHCxx) 60 GB and (CECHExx) 80 GB models)
PredecessorPlayStation 2
SuccessorPlayStation 4

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the successor to PlayStation 2, and is part of the PlayStation brand of consoles. It was first released on November 11, 2006, in Japan,[9] November 17, 2006, in North America, and March 23, 2007, in Europe and Australia.[10][11][12] The PlayStation 3 competed primarily against Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles.

The console was first officially announced at E3 2005, and was released at the end of 2006. It was the first console to use Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium.[13] The console was the first PlayStation to integrate social gaming services, including the PlayStation Network, as well as the first to be controllable from a handheld console, through its remote connectivity with PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.[14][15][16] In September 2009, the Slim model of the PlayStation 3 was released. It no longer provided the hardware ability to run PS2 games. It was lighter and thinner than the original version, and featured a redesigned logo and marketing design, as well as a minor start-up change in software. A Super Slim variation was then released in late 2012, further refining and redesigning the console.

During its early years, the system received a mixed reception, due to its high price ($599 for a 60-gigabyte model, $499 for a 20 GB model), a complex processor architecture, and lack of quality games but was praised for its Blu-ray capabilities and "untapped potential". The reception would get more positive over time. The system had a slow start in the market[17] but managed to recover, particularly after the introduction of the Slim model. Its successor, the PlayStation 4, was released later in November 2013. On September 29, 2015, Sony confirmed that sales of the PlayStation 3 were to be discontinued in New Zealand, but the system remained in production in other markets.[18] Shipments of new units to Europe and Australia ended in March 2016, followed by North America which ended in October 2016.[19][20] Heading into 2017, Japan was the last territory where new units were still being produced until May 29, 2017, when Sony confirmed the PlayStation 3 was discontinued in Japan.[19][20][21][22][23]


The PlayStation 3 began development in 2001 when Ken Kutaragi, then the President of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced that Sony, Toshiba, and IBM would collaborate on developing the Cell microprocessor.[24] At the time, Shuhei Yoshida led a group of programmers within this hardware team to explore next-generation game creation. By early 2005, focus within Sony shifted towards developing PS3 launch titles.[24] Sony officially unveiled PlayStation 3 to the public on May 16, 2005, at E3 2005,[25] along with a boomerang-shaped prototype design of the Sixaxis controller.[26] A functional version of the system was not present there,[27] nor at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2005,[28] although demonstrations (such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots[27]) were held at both events on software development kits and comparable personal computer hardware.[27][28] Video footage based on the predicted PlayStation 3 specifications was also shown (notably a Final Fantasy VIItech demo).[29]

The initial prototype shown in May 2005 featured two HDMI ports, three Ethernet ports and six USB ports;[30] however, when the system was shown again a year later at E3 2006, these were reduced to one HDMI port, one Ethernet port and four USB ports, presumably to cut costs.[31][32] Two hardware configurations were also announced for the console: a 20 GB model and a 60 GB model, priced at US$499 (€499) and US$599 (€599), respectively.[31] The 60 GB model was to be the only configuration to feature an HDMI port, Wi-Fi internet, flash card readers and a chrome trim with the logo in silver.[31] Both models were announced for a simultaneous worldwide release: November 11, 2006, for Japan and November 17, 2006, for North America and Europe.[33]

On September 6, 2006, Sony announced that PAL region PlayStation 3 launch would be delayed until March 2007, because of a shortage of materials used in the Blu-ray drive.[34] At the Tokyo Game Show on September 22, 2006, Sony announced that it would include an HDMI port on the 20 GB system, but a chrome trim, flash card readers, silver logo and Wi-Fi would not be included.[35] Also, the launch price of the Japanese 20 GB model was reduced by over 20%,[36] and the 60 GB model was announced for an open pricing scheme in Japan.[36] During the event, Sony showed 27 playable PS3 games running on final hardware.[37]


Silver PlayStation 3 consoles on show in 2006

The PlayStation 3 was first released in Japan on November 11, 2006, at 07:00.[9] According to Media Create, 81,639 PS3 systems were sold within 24 hours of its introduction in Japan.[38] There were reports that many of the initial systems were obtained by businessmen who paid mainly Chinese nationals to buy the system without any software to resell on eBay,[39] and, as a result of this, there were more hardware units sold than there were games. Ridge Racer 7 was the highest selling game on launch day. Soon after its release in Japan, the PS3 was released in North America on November 17, 2006.[10] Reports of violence surrounded the release of the PS3. A customer was shot, campers were robbed at gunpoint,[40] customers were shot in a drive-by shooting with BB guns,[41] and 60 campers fought over 10 systems.[42] The PS3 was released on the same day in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well.[43]

The console was originally planned for a global release through November, but at the start of September the release in Europe and the rest of the world was delayed until March.[44] With it being a somewhat last-minute delay, some companies had taken deposits for pre-orders, at which Sony informed customers that they were eligible for full refunds or could continue the pre-order.[45] On January 24, 2007, Sony announced that PlayStation 3 would go on sale on March 23, 2007, in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand.[11][12]

On March 7, 2007, the 60 GB PlayStation 3 launched in Singapore with a price of S$799.[46] In the United Arab Emirates, the system retailed for 2499 dirhams on March 23, slightly less than the price in Europe. Sony also hosted a large launch party with singer Shakira performing at the Dubai Autodrome.[47][48]

The PS3 sold 600,000 units in the first two days of its release in Europe.[49] It became the fastest-selling home system in the United Kingdom with 165,000 units sold in two days, and became the second-fastest-selling system in the UK overall, the fastest being the PlayStation Portable .[50] Some British retailers claim that the PS3 was subjected to as many as 20,000 pre-order cancellations,[51] while others cited a "huge demand" for the system.[52] System sales for the following week were down 82%, selling 30,000 units, with a 60% drop in sales of the two most popular titles, MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall of Man.[53] Its UK launch price of £425 was higher than its Japanese and American prices, with value-added tax cited as a reason by a staff member. The continental Europe price was €599, while in Ireland it was €629.[54]

Over 27,000 units were sold in Australia over the course of the first ten days of sales and nine of the top ten best-selling games, including systems and handheld, of the week were for the PS3; overall, software and hardware sales resulted in A$33 million netted for Sony.[55] One analyst called it "a spike in retail spending not previously witnessed at the launch of any other system in Australia".[56] In New Zealand, over 4,800 units were sold in the first week generating "over NZ$6.8 million dollars in hardware and software retail sales."[57]

On April 27, 2007, it launched in India, with the 60GB model retailing for ₹39,990 (US$1000 at the conversion rate at the time).[58] In Mexico, the 20GB model launched with a price of 10,495 pesos, or US$974 at the time.[59] The console was launched in South Korea on June 16, 2007, as a single version equipped with an 80 GB hard drive and IPTV.[60]

Slim model

Following speculation that Sony was working on a 'slim' model, Sony officially announced the PS3 CECH-2000 model on August 18, 2009, at the Sony Gamescom press conference.[61][62] New features included a slimmer form factor, decreased power consumption, and a quieter cooling system.[63] It was released in major territories by September 2009. At the same time, a new logo was introduced for the console to replace the previous "Spider-Man" wordmarks (named due to their use of the same font as the logos of Sony's then-current Spider-Man films), with a new "PS3" wordmark evoking the design of the PlayStation 2 wordmark replacing the capitalized PlayStation 3 lettering.[64]

Super Slim model

In September 2012 at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that a new, slimmer PS3 redesign (CECH-4000) was due for release in late 2012 and that it would be available with either a 250 GB or 500 GB hard drive. Three versions of the Super Slim model were revealed: one with a 500 GB hard drive, a second with a 250 GB hard drive which is not available in PAL regions, and a third with a 12 GB flash storage that was available in PAL regions, and in Canada. The storage of 12 GB model is upgradable with an official standalone 250 GB hard drive. A vertical stand was also released for the model. In the United Kingdom, the 500 GB model was released on September 28, 2012; and the 12 GB model was released on October 12, 2012. In the United States, the PS3 Super Slim was first released as a bundled console. The 250 GB model was bundled with the Game of the Year edition of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and released on September 25, 2012; and the 500 GB model was bundled with Assassin's Creed III and released on October 30, 2012. In Japan, the black colored Super Slim model was released on October 4, 2012; and the white colored Super Slim model was released on November 22, 2012. The Super Slim model is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the Slim model and features a manual sliding disc cover instead of a motorized slot-loading disc cover of the Slim model.[65][66][67][68][69][70] The white colored Super Slim model was released in the United States on January 27, 2013, as part of the Instant Game Collection Bundle.[71] The Garnet Red and Azurite Blue colored models were launched in Japan on February 28, 2013.[72] The Garnet Red version was released in North America on March 12, 2013, as part of the God of War: Ascension bundle with 500 GB storage and contained God of War: Ascension as well as the God of War Saga.[73] The Azurite Blue model was released on October 8, 2013, as a GameStop exclusive with 250GB storage.[74]


See also: List of PlayStation 3 games

PlayStation 3 launched in North America with 14 titles, with another three being released before the end of 2006.[32] After the first week of sales it was confirmed that Resistance: Fall of Man from Insomniac Games was the top-selling launch game in North America.[75][76] The game was heavily praised by numerous video game websites, including GameSpot and IGN, both of whom awarded it their PlayStation 3 Game of the Year award for 2006.[77][78] Some titles missed the launch window and were delayed until early 2007, such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, F.E.A.R. and Sonic the Hedgehog. During the Japanese launch, Ridge Racer 7 was the top-selling game, while Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire also fared well in sales,[79] both of which were offerings from Namco Bandai Games. PlayStation 3 launched in Europe with 24 titles, including ones that were not offered in North American and Japanese launches, such as Formula One Championship Edition, MotorStorm and Virtua Fighter 5. Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm were the most successful titles of 2007,[80][81] and both games subsequently received sequels in the form of Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.[82][83]

At E3 2007, Sony was able to show a number of their upcoming video games for PlayStation 3, including Heavenly Sword, Lair, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Warhawk and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune; all of which were released in the third and fourth quarters of 2007. It also showed off a number of titles that were set for release in 2008 and 2009; most notably Killzone 2, Infamous, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation.[84] A number of third-party exclusives were also shown, including the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots,[85] alongside other high-profile third-party titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5. Two other important titles for PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, were shown at TGS 2007 in order to appease the Japanese market.[86][87]

Sony have since launched their budget range of PlayStation 3 titles, known as the Greatest Hits range in North America,[88] the Platinum range in Europe and Australia[89] and The Best range in Japan.[90] Among the titles available in the budget range include Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Call of Duty 3, Assassin's Creed and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. As of October 2009 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Devil May Cry 4, Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company and Midnight Club: Los Angeles have also joined the list.

As of March 31, 2012[update], there have been 595 million games sold for PlayStation 3.[91] The best selling PS3 games are Grand Theft Auto V, Gran Turismo 5, The Last of Us, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The last game released on the PlayStation 3 was Shakedown: Hawaii, on August 20, 2020.

Stereoscopic 3D

In December 2008, the CTO of Blitz Games announced that it would bring stereoscopic 3D gaming and movie viewing to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with its own technology.[92] This was first demonstrated publicly on PS3 using Sony's own technology in January 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Journalists were shown Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in 3D as a demonstration of how the technology might work if it is implemented in the future.[93] Firmware update 3.30 officially allowed PS3 titles to be played in 3D, requiring a compatible display for use.[94] System software update 3.50 prepared it for 3D films.[95] While the game itself must be programmed to take advantage of the 3D technology, titles may be patched to add in the functionality retroactively. Titles with such patches include Wipeout HD, Pain, and Super Stardust HD.[96]


The PlayStation 3 was the first console to include an HDMI port.

PlayStation 3 is convex on its left side, with the PlayStation logo upright, when vertical (the top side is convex when horizontal) and has a glossy black finish. PlayStation designer Teiyu Goto stated that the Spider-Man-font-inspired logo "was one of the first elements SCEI president Ken Kutaragi decided on and the logo may have been the motivating force behind the shape of PS3".[97]

On March 22, 2007, SCE and Stanford University released the [email protected] software for PlayStation 3.[98] This program allows PS3 owners to lend the computing power of their consoles to help study the process of protein folding for disease research.

Use in supercomputing

Main article: PlayStation 3 cluster

PS3's hardware has also been used to build supercomputers for high-performance computing.[99]Fixstars Solutions sells a version of Yellow Dog Linux for PlayStation 3 (originally sold by Terra Soft Solutions).[100]RapidMind produced a stream programming package for PS3,[101] but were acquired by Intel in 2009. Also, on January 3, 2007, Dr. Frank Mueller, Associate Professor of Computer Science at NCSU, clustered 8 PS3s. Mueller commented that the 256 MB of system RAM is a limitation for this particular application and is considering attempting to retrofit more RAM. Software includes: Fedora Core 5 Linux ppc64, MPICH2, OpenMP v 2.5, GNU Compiler Collection and CellSDK 1.1.[102][103][104] As a more cost-effective alternative to conventional supercomputers, the U.S. military has purchased clusters of PS3 units for research purposes.[105] Retail PS3 Slim units cannot be used for supercomputing, because PS3 Slim lacks the ability to boot into a third-party OS.

In December 2008, a group of hackers used a cluster of 200 PlayStation 3 computers to crack SSL authentication.[106]

In November 2010 the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) created a powerful supercomputer by connecting together 1,760 Sony PS3s which include 168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers in a parallel array capable of performing 500 trillion floating-point operations per second (500 TFLOPS).[107] As built the Condor Cluster was the 33rd largest supercomputer in the world and would be used to analyze high definition satellite imagery.[108]

Technical specifications

Main article: PlayStation 3 technical specifications

The RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' on a PlayStation 3 motherboard

PlayStation 3 features a slot-loading 2× speed Blu-ray Disc drive for games, Blu-ray movies, DVDs, and CDs.[109] It was originally available with hard drives of 20 and 60 GB (20 GB model was not available in PAL regions)[110][111] but various sizes up to 500 GB[112][113] have been made available since then (see: model comparison). All PS3 models have user-upgradeable 2.5" SATA hard drives.[114]

PlayStation 3 uses the Cell microprocessor, designed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM, as its CPU, which is made up of one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based "Power Processing Element" (PPE) and eight Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs).[115] To increase yields and reduce costs, the chip has 8 SPEs. After manufacture, every chip is tested and a defective SPE disconnected using laser trimming, leaving 7 SPEs. This means that otherwise discarded processors can be used, reducing costs and waste.[116][117] Only six of the seven SPEs are accessible to developers as the seventh SPE is reserved by the console's operating system.[117]Graphics processing is handled by the NvidiaRSX 'Reality Synthesizer', which can produce resolutions from 480i/576iSD up to 1080pHD.[109] PlayStation 3 has 256 MB of XDR DRAM main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3video memory for the RSX.[118]

The system has Bluetooth 2.0 (with support for up to seven Bluetooth devices[119]), Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and HDMI 1.4[note 1] built in. Wi-Fi networking is also built-in on all but the 20 GB models, while a flash card reader (compatible with Memory Stick, SD/MMC and CompactFlash/Microdrive media) is built-in on 60 GB and CECHExx 80 GB models.[109][118]


Main article: PlayStation 3 models

PlayStation 3 has been produced in various models: the original, the Slim, and the Super Slim. Successive models have added or removed various features, reduced the console's initial purchase price and weight, and increased storage capacity (with exceptions).

Controllers and accessories

Main article: PlayStation 3 accessories

Numerous accessories for the console have been developed. These accessories include the wireless Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers, the Logitech Driving Force GT, the Logitech Cordless Precision Controller, the BD Remote, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the PlayTVDVB-T tuner/digital video recorder accessory.[120][121]

At Sony's E3 press conference in 2006, the then-standard wireless Sixaxis controller was announced. The controller was based on the same basic design as the PlayStation 2'sDualShock 2 controller but was wireless, lacked vibration capabilities, had a built-in accelerometer (that could detect motion in three directional and three rotational axes; six in total, hence the name Sixaxis) and had a few cosmetic tweaks.

At its press conference at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced DualShock 3 (trademarked DUALSHOCK 3), a PlayStation 3 controller with the same function and design as Sixaxis, but with vibration capability included.[122] Hands-on accounts describe the controller as being noticeably heavier than the standard Sixaxis controller and capable of vibration forces comparable to DualShock 2.[123] It was released in Japan on November 11, 2007;[124] in North America on April 5, 2008;[125] in Australia on April 24, 2008; in New Zealand on May 9, 2008; in mainland Europe on July 2, 2008,[126] and in the United Kingdom and Ireland on July 4, 2008.

During E3 2009, Sony unveiled plans to release a motion controller later to be named PlayStation Move at GDC 2010. It was released on September 15, 2010, in Europe; September 19, 2010, in North America and October 21, 2010, in Japan.[127]

On October 13, 2010, Sony announced an official surround sound system for PS3 through the official PlayStation YouTube channel.[128]

The PlayStation 3 can also use DualShock 4 controller initially via USB cable, but Firmware update 4.60 enabled wireless connection.[129]

Statistics regarding reliability

Some original "fat" PS3 systems display a yellow light, indicating a non-specific failure.

According to Ars Technica, the number of PlayStation 3 consoles that have experienced failure is well within the normal failure rates in the consumer electronics industry;[130] a 2009 study by SquareTrade, a warranty provider, found a two-year failure rate of 10% for PlayStation 3s.[131]

In September 2009, BBC's Watchdog television program aired a report investigating the issue, calling it the "yellow light of death" (YLOD). Among the consoles that experienced the failure, they found that it usually occurred 18–24 months after purchase, while the standard Sony warranty covers one year after purchase. After this time period, PlayStation 3 owners can pay Sony a fixed fee for a refurbished console.[132]

Sony claimed that, according to its statistics of returned consoles, approximately 0.5% of consoles were reported as showing the YLOD.[132][133] In response to the televised report, Sony issued a document criticizing the program's accuracy and conclusions; specifically that the faults were evidence of a manufacturing defect. The document also complained that the report had been inappropriate in tone and might damage Sony's brand name.[133][134]


Main articles: PlayStation 3 system software and List of PlayStation applications

System software

Sony has included the ability for the operating system, referred to as System Software, to be updated.[135] The updates can be acquired in several ways:

  • If PlayStation 3 has an active Internet connection, updates may be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Network to PlayStation 3 and subsequently installed. Systems with active Internet will automatically check online for software updates each time the console is started.
  • Using an external PC, a user may download the update from the official PlayStation website, transfer it to portable storage media and install it on the system.
  • Some game discs come with system software updates on the disc. This may be due to the game requiring the update in order to run. If so, the software may be installed from the disc.[135]

The original PlayStation 3 also included the ability to install other operating systems,[136] such as Linux.[137] This was not included in the newer slim models and was removed from all older PlayStation 3 consoles with the release of firmware update 3.21 in April 2010. The functionality is now only available to users of original consoles who choose not to update their system software beyond version 3.15[138] or who have installed third-party, modified and unofficial versions of the firmware instead.[139]

Graphical user interface

Main article: XrossMediaBar – PlayStation 3 XMB

The XrossMediaBar (XMB) used on the PlayStation 3 home screen

The standard PlayStation 3 version of the XrossMediaBar (pronounced "Cross Media Bar" and abbreviated XMB) includes nine categories of options. These are: Users, Settings, Photo, Music, Video, TV/Video Services, Game, Network, PlayStation Network and Friends (similar to the PlayStation Portable media bar). TheTV/Video Services category is for services like Netflix and/or if PlayTV or torne is installed; the first category in this section is "My Channels", which lets users download various streaming services, including Sony's own streaming services Crackle and PlayStation Vue. By default, the What's New section of PlayStation Network is displayed when the system starts up. PS3 includes the ability to store various master and secondary user profiles, manage and explore photos with or without a musical slide show, play music and copy audio CD tracks to an attached data storage device, play movies and video files from the hard disk drive, an optical disc (Blu-ray Disc or DVD-Video) or an optional USB mass storage or Flash card, compatibility for a USB keyboard and mouse and a web browser supporting compatible-file download function.[140] Additionally, UPnP media will appear in the respective audio/video/photo categories if a compatible media server or DLNA server is detected on the local network. The Friends menu allows mail with emoticon and attached picture features and video chat which requires an optional PlayStation Eye or EyeToy webcam.[141] The Network menu allows online shopping through the PlayStation Store and connectivity to PlayStation Portable via Remote Play.[141]

Digital rights management

PlayStation 3 console protects certain types of data and uses digital rights management to limit the data's use. Purchased games and content from the PlayStation Network store are governed by PlayStation's Network Digital Rights Management (NDRM). The NDRM allows users to access the data from up to 2 different PlayStation 3's that have been activated using a user's PlayStation Network ID.[142] PlayStation 3 also limits the transfer of copy protected videos downloaded from its store to other machines and states that copy protected video "may not restore correctly" following certain actions after making a backup such as downloading a new copy protected movie.[143]

Photo management

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is an optional application to view, create and group photos from PS3, which is installed separately from the system software at 105 MB. It was introduced in system software version 2.60 and provides a range of tools for sorting through and displaying the system's pictures. The key feature of this application is that it can organize photos into groups according to various criteria. Notable categorizations are colors, ages, or facial expressions of the people in the photos. Slideshows can be viewed with the application, along with music and playlists. The software was updated with the release of system software version 3.40 allowing users to upload and browse photos on Facebook and Picasa.[144]

PlayMemories Studio

PlayMemories is an optional stereoscopic 3D (and also standard) photo viewing application,[145] which is installed from the PlayStation Store at 956 MB. The application is dedicated specifically to 3D photos and features the ability to zoom into 3D environments and change the angle and perspective of panoramas.[146] It requires system software 3.40 or higher; 3D photos; a 3D HDTV, and an HDMI cable for the 3D images to be viewed properly.

Video services

Video editor and uploader

A new application was released as part of system software version 3.40 which allows users to edit videos on PlayStation 3 and upload them to the Internet. The software features basic video editing tools including the ability to cut videos and add music and captions. Videos can then be rendered and uploaded to video sharing websites such as Facebook and YouTube.[144]

Video on demand

In addition to the video service provided by the Sony Entertainment Network, the PlayStation 3 console has access to a variety of third-party video services, dependent on region:

Since June 2009, VidZone has offered a free music video streaming service in Europe,[147] Australia and New Zealand.[148] In October 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment and Netflix announced that the Netflix streaming service would also be available on PlayStation 3 in the United States. A paid Netflix subscription was required for the service.[149] The service became available in November 2009.[150] Initially users had to use a free Blu-ray disc to access the service; however, in October 2010 the requirement to use a disc to gain access was removed.[151]

In April 2010, support for was added, allowing subscribers to watch regular season games live in HD and access new interactive features designed exclusively for PSN.[152]

In November 2010, access to the video and social networking site MUBI was enabled for European, New Zealand, and Australian users; the service integrates elements of social networking with rental or subscription video streaming, allowing users to watch and discuss films with other users.[153][154] Also in November 2010 the video rental service VUDU,[155]NHL GameCenter Live,[156] and subscription service Hulu Plus launched on PlayStation 3 in the United States.[157]

In August 2011, Sony, in partnership with DirecTV, added NFL Sunday Ticket.[158] Then in October 2011, Best Buy launched an app for its CinemaNow service.[159] In April 2012, launched an Amazon Video app, accessible to Amazon Prime subscribers (in the US).[160]

Upon reviewing the PlayStation and Netflix collaboration, Pocket-Lint said "We've used the Netflix app on Xbox too and, as good as it is, we think the PS3 version might have the edge here." and stated that having Netflix and LoveFilm on PlayStation is "mind-blowingly good."[161]

In July 2013, YuppTV OTT player launched its branded application on the PS3 computer entertainment system in the United States.[162][163]

Audio capabilities

The PlayStation 3 has the ability to play standard audio CDs, a feature that was notably removed from its successors.[164] PlayStation 3 added the ability for ripping audio CDs to store them on the system's hard disk; the system has transcoders for ripping to either MP3, AAC, or Sony's own ATRAC (ATRAC3plus)[165] formats. Early models were also able to playback Super Audio CDs, however this support was dropped in the third generation revision of the console from late 2007. However, all models do retain Direct Stream Digital playback ability.[166]

ATRAC formatted tracks from Walkman digital audio players can be natively played on the PlayStation 3 by connecting the player to the system's USB port. The PlayStation 3 did not feature the Sony CONNECT Music Store.

OtherOS support

Main article: OtherOS

PlayStation 3 initially shipped with the ability to install an alternative operating system alongside the main system software; Linux and other Unix-based operating systems were available. The hardware allowed access to six of the seven Synergistic Processing Elements of the Cell microprocessor, but not the RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' graphics chip.

The 'OtherOS' functionality was not present in the updated PS Slim models, and the feature was subsequently removed from previous versions of the PS3 as part of the machine's firmware update version 3.21 which was released on April 1, 2010;[167] Sony cited security concerns as the rationale. The firmware update 3.21 was mandatory for access to the PlayStation Network.[168] The removal caused some controversy; as the update removed officially advertised features from already sold products, and gave rise to several class action lawsuits aimed at making Sony return the feature or provide compensation.[169][170]

On December 8, 2011, U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg dismissed the last remaining count of the class action lawsuit (other claims in the suit had previously been dismissed), stating: "As a legal matter, ... plaintiffs have failed to allege facts or articulate a theory on which Sony may be held liable."[171]

As of January 2014[update], the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit partially reversed the dismissal and have sent the case back to the district court.[172]

Leap year bug

On March 1, 2010 (UTC), many of the original "fat" PlayStation 3 models worldwide were experiencing errors related to their internal system clock. The error had many symptoms. Initially, the main problem seemed to be the inability to connect to the PlayStation Network. However, the root cause of the problem was unrelated to the PlayStation Network, since even users who had never been online also had problems playing installed offline games (which queried the system timer as part of startup) and using system themes. At the same time, many users noted that the console's clock had gone back to December 31, 1999. The event was nicknamed the ApocalyPS3, a play on the word apocalypse and PS3, the abbreviation for the PlayStation 3 console.[173]

The error code displayed was typically 8001050F and affected users were unable to sign in, play games, use dynamic themes and view/sync trophies.[174] The problem only resided within the first- through third-generation original PS3 units while the newer "Slim" models were unaffected because of different internal hardware for the clock.

Sony confirmed that there was an error and stated that it was narrowing down the issue and were continuing to work to restore service.[175] By March 2 (UTC), 2010, owners of original PS3 models could connect to PSN successfully and the clock no longer showed December 31, 1999.[176] Sony stated that the affected models incorrectly identified 2010 as a leap year, because of a bug in the BCD method of storing the date.[177][178] However, for some users, the hardware's operating system clock (mainly updated from the internet and not associated with the internal clock) needed to be updated manually or by re-syncing it via the internet.

On June 29, 2010, Sony released PS3 system software update 3.40, which improved the functionality of the internal clock to properly account for leap years.[179]


PlayStation Portable connectivity

Main articles: Remote Play and PlayStation Store (PC) for PSP

PlayStation Portable can connect with PlayStation 3 in many ways, including in-game connectivity. For example, Formula One Championship Edition, a racing game, was shown at E3 2006 using a PSP as a real-time rear-view mirror.[180] In addition, users are able to download original PlayStation format games from the PlayStation Store, transfer and play them on PSP as well as PS3 itself.[181][182] It is also possible to use the Remote Play feature to play these and some PlayStation Network games, remotely on PSP over a network or internet connection.

Sony has also demonstrated PSP playing back video content from PlayStation 3 hard disk across an ad hoc wireless network. This feature is referred to as Remote Play located under the browser icon on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Remote play has since expanded to allow remote access to PS3 via PSP from any wireless access point in the world.[183]

PlayStation Network

Main article: PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network is the unified online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provided by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, announced during the 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing meeting in Tokyo. The service is always connected,[184] free,[185] and includes multiplayer support.[14] The network enables online gaming, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and other services. PlayStation Network uses real currency and PlayStation Network Cards as seen with the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Plus

Main article: PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus (commonly abbreviated PS+ and occasionally referred to as PSN Plus) is a premium PlayStation Network subscription service that was officially unveiled at E3 2010 by Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA.[186] Rumors of such service had been in speculation since Kaz Hirai's announcement at TGS 2009 of a possible paid service for PSN but with the current PSN service still available. Launched alongside PS3 firmware 3.40 and PSP firmware 6.30 on June 29, 2010, the paid-for subscription service provides users with enhanced services on the PlayStation Network, on top of the current PSN service which is still available with all of its features. These enhancements include the ability to have demos and game updates download automatically to PlayStation 3. Subscribers also get early or exclusive access to some betas, game demos, premium downloadable content and other PlayStation Store items. North American users also get a free subscription to Qore. Users may choose to purchase either a one-year or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.[187]

PlayStation Store

Main article: PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is an online virtual market available to users of Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation Portable (PSP) game consoles via the PlayStation Network. The Store offers a range of downloadable content both for purchase and available free of charge. Available content includes full games, add-on content, playable demos, themes and game and movie trailers. The service is accessible through an icon on the XMB on PS3 and PSP. The PS3 store can also be accessed on PSP via a Remote Play connection to PS3. The PSP store is also available via the PC application, Media Go. As of September 24, 2009[update], there have been over 600 million downloads from the PlayStation Store worldwide.[188]

The PlayStation Store is updated with new content each Tuesday in North America, and each Wednesday in PAL regions.[189] In May 2010 this was changed from Thursdays to allow PSP games to be released digitally, closer to the time they are released on UMD.[190]

On March 29, 2021, Sony announced that it was would shut down the PS3 version of the Store on July 2, though previous purchases on the store will remain downloadable.[191] However, on April 19, following fan feedback, Sony reversed their decision and confirmed that the PS3 store would remain operational.[192]

What's New

What's New was announced at Gamescom 2009 and was released on September 1, 2009, with PlayStation 3 system software 3.0.[193] The feature was to replace the existing [Information Board], which displayed news from the PlayStation website associated with the user's region. The concept was developed further into a major PlayStation Network feature, which interacts with the [Status Indicator] to display a ticker of all content, excluding recently played content (currently in North America and Japan only).

The system displays the What's New screen by default instead of the [Games] menu (or [Video] menu, if a movie was inserted) when starting up. What's New has four sections: "Our Pick", "Recently Played", latest information and new content available in PlayStation Store. There are four kinds of content the What's New screen displays and links to, on the sections. "Recently Played" displays the user's recently played games and online services only, whereas, the other sections can contain website links, links to play videos and access to selected sections of the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Store icons in the [Game] and [Video] section act similarly to the What's New screen, except that they only display and link to games and videos in the PlayStation Store, respectively.

PlayStation Home

Main article: PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home was a virtual 3D social networking service for the PlayStation Network.[194] Home allowed users to create a custom avatar, which could be groomed realistically.[195][196] Users could edit and decorate their personal apartments, avatars, or club houses with free, premium, or won content.[195] Users could shop for new items or win prizes from PS3 games, or Home activities.[196] Users could interact and connect with friends and customize content in a virtual world.[197] Home also acted as a meeting place for users that wanted to play multiplayer video games with others.[197]

A closed beta began in Europe from May 2007 and expanded to other territories soon after.[198] Home was delayed and expanded[199] several times before initially releasing.[200][201] The Open Beta test was started on December 11, 2008. It remained as a perpetual beta until its closure on March 31, 2015.[202][203] Home was available directly from the PlayStation 3 XrossMediaBar. Membership was free, but required a PSN account.[196][197]

Home featured places to meet and interact, dedicated game spaces, developer spaces, company spaces, and events. The service underwent a weekly maintenance and frequent updates.[204] At the time of its closure in March 2015, Home had been downloaded by over 41 million users.[202]

Life with PlayStation

The Life with PlayStationapplication showing weather forecasts and news headlines for New York City. Screenshot taken at approximately 8pm PST

Main article: Life with PlayStation

Life with PlayStation, released on September 18, 2008[205] to succeed [email protected], was retired November 6, 2012. Life with PlayStation used virtual globe data to display news and information by city. Along with [email protected] functionality, the application provided access to three other information "channels", the first being the Live Channel offering news headlines and weather which were provided by Google News, The Weather Channel, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Space Science and Engineering Center, among other sources.[206] The second channel was the World Heritage channel which offered historical information about historical sites. The third channel was the United Village channel. United Village was designed to share information about communities and cultures worldwide.[207] An update allowed video and photo viewing in the application.[205] The fourth channel was the U.S. exclusive PlayStation Network Game Trailers Channel for direct streaming of game trailers.


Main article: 2011 PlayStation Network outage

On April 20, 2011, Sony shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity for a prolonged interval, revealing on April 23 that this was due to "an external intrusion on our system". Sony later revealed that the personal information of 77 million users might have been taken, including: names; addresses; countries; email addresses; birthdates; PSN/Qriocity logins, passwords and handles/PSN online IDs.[208] It also stated that it was possible that users' profile data, including purchase history and billing address, and PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained.[208] There was no evidence that any credit card data had been taken, but the possibility could not be ruled out, and Sony advised customers that their credit card data may have been obtained.[208][209] Additionally, the credit card numbers were encrypted and Sony never collected the three digit CVC or CSC number from the back of the credit cards which is required for authenticating some transactions.[210] In response to the incident, Sony announced a "Welcome Back" program, 30 days free membership of PlayStation Plus for all PSN members, two free downloadable PS3 games, and a free one-year enrollment in an identity theft protection program.[211][212]

Sales and production costs

Regionunits soldFirst available
Canada "about 1.5 million" as of October 6, 2010[update][213]November 17, 2006
(Includes UK and other PAL regions)
30 million as of December 19, 2012[update][214]March 23, 2007
Japan 9.3 million as of June 27, 2013[update][215]November 11, 2006
United Kingdom 5.5 million as of June 27, 2013[update][215]March 23, 2007
United States 22.9 million as of June 27, 2013[update][215]November 17, 2006
Worldwide 87.4 million (as of March 31, 2017[update])[2]November 11, 2006


Although its PlayStation predecessors had been very dominant against the competition and were hugely profitable for Sony, PlayStation 3 had an inauspicious start, and Sony chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer initially could not convince investors of a turnaround in its fortunes. The PS3 lacked the unique gameplay of the more affordable Wii which became that generation's most successful console in terms of units sold. Furthermore, PS3 had to compete directly with Xbox 360 which had a market head start, and as a result the platform no longer had exclusive titles that the PS2 enjoyed such as the Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy series (regarding cross-platform games, Xbox 360 versions were generally considered superior in 2006, although by 2008 the PS3 versions had reached parity or surpassed),[216] and it took longer than expected for PS3 to enjoy strong sales and close the gap with Xbox 360. Sony also continued to lose money on each PS3 sold through 2010,[217] although the redesigned "slim" PS3 cut these losses.[218]

PlayStation 3's initial production cost is estimated by iSuppli to have been US$805.85 for the 20 GB model and US$840.35 for the 60 GB model.[219] However, they were priced at US$499 and US$599, respectively, meaning that units may have been sold at an estimated loss of $306 or $241 depending on model, if the cost estimates were correct,[220] and thus may have contributed to Sony's games division posting an operating loss of ¥232.3 billion (US$1.97 billion) in the fiscal year ending March 2007.[221] In April 2007, soon after these results were published, Ken Kutaragi, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced plans to retire. Various news agencies, including The Times[222] and The Wall Street Journal[223] reported that this was due to poor sales, while SCEI maintains that Kutaragi had been planning his retirement for six months prior to the announcement.[223]

In January 2008, Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, suggested that the console may start making a profit by early 2009, stating that, "the next fiscal year starts in April and if we can try to achieve that in the next fiscal year that would be a great thing" and that "[profitability] is not a definite commitment, but that is what I would like to try to shoot for".[224] However, market analysts Nikko Citigroup have predicted that PlayStation 3 could be profitable by August 2008.[225] In a July 2008 interview, Hirai stated that his objective is for PlayStation 3 to sell 150 million units by its ninth year, surpassing PlayStation 2's sales of 140 million in its nine years on the market.[226] In January 2009 Sony announced that their gaming division was profitable in Q3 2008.[227]

After the system's launch, production costs were reduced significantly as a result of phasing out the Emotion Engine chip and falling hardware costs.[228][229] The cost of manufacturing Cell microprocessors had fallen dramatically as a result of moving to the 65 nm production process,[229][230] and Blu-ray Disc diodes had become cheaper to manufacture.[228][231] As of January 2008, each unit cost around $400 to manufacture;[232][233] by August 2009, Sony had reduced costs by a total of 70%, meaning it only cost Sony around $240 per unit.[234][235][236]

Critical reception

Early PlayStation 3 reviews after launch were critical of its high price and lack of quality games. Game developers regarded the architecture as difficult to program for. PS3 was, however, commended for its hardware including its Blu-ray home theater capabilities and graphics potential.[237][238]

Critical and commercial reception to PS3 improved over time, after a series of price revisions, Blu-ray's victory over HD DVD,[239] and the release of several well received titles. Ars Technica's original launch review gave PS3 only a 6/10, but second review of the console in June 2008 rated it a 9/10.[240] In September 2009, IGN named PlayStation 3 the 15th-best gaming console of all time, behind both of its competitors: Wii (10th) and Xbox 360 (6th).[241] However, PS3 has won IGN's "Console Showdown"—based on which console offers the best selection of games released during each year—in three of the four years since it began (2008, 2009 and 2011, with Xbox winning in 2010).[242]IGN judged PlayStation 3 to have the best game line-up of 2008, based on their review scores in comparison to those of Wii and Xbox 360.[243] In a comparison piece by PC Magazine's Will Greenwald in June 2012, PS3 was selected as an overall better console compared to Xbox 360.[244] Pocket-Lint said of the console "The PS3 has always been a brilliant games console," and that "For now, this is just about the best media device for the money."[161]

Original model

PS3 was given the number-eight spot on PC World magazine's list of "The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006", where it was criticized for being "Late, Expensive and Incompatible".[245]GamesRadar ranked PS3 as the top item in a feature on game-related PR disasters, asking how Sony managed to "take one of the most anticipated game systems of all time and—within the space of a year—turn it into a hate object reviled by the entire internet", but added that despite its problems the system has "untapped potential".[246]Business Week summed up the general opinion by stating that it was "more impressed with what the PlayStation 3 could do than with what it currently does".[247]

Developers also found the machine difficult to program for. In 2007, Gabe Newell of Valve said "The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think it's really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted". He continued "I'd say, even at this late date, they should just cancel it and do a do over. Just say, 'This was a horrible disaster and we're sorry and we're going to stop selling this and stop trying to convince people to develop for it'".[248] Doug Lombardi VP of Marketing for Valve has since stated that Valve is interested in developing for the console and is looking to hire talented PS3 programmers for future projects.[249] He later restated Valve's position, "Until we have the ability to get a PS3 team together, until we find the people who want to come to Valve or who are at Valve who want to work on that, I don't really see us moving to that platform".[250] At Sony's E3 2010 press conference, Newell made a live appearance to recant his previous statements, citing Sony's move to make the system more developer-friendly, and to announce that Valve would be developing Portal 2 for the system. He also claimed that the inclusion of Steamworks (Valve's system to automatically update their software independently) would help to make the PS3 version of Portal 2 the best console version on the market.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has criticized PS3's high development costs and inferior attach rate and return to that of Xbox 360 and Wii. He believes these factors are pushing developers away from working on the console. In an interview with The Times Kotick stated "I'm getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don't make it easy for me to support the platform."[251] He continued, "It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital (ROIC) on the Xbox than on the PlayStation." Kotick also claimed that Activision Blizzard may stop supporting the system if the situation is not addressed. "[Sony has] to cut the [PS3's retail] price, because if they don't, the attach rates are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony."[252] Kotick received heavy criticism for the statement, notably from developer BioWare who questioned the wisdom of the threatened move, and referred to the statement as "silly."[253]

Despite the initial negative press, several websites have given the system very good reviews mostly regarding its hardware. CNET United Kingdom praised the system saying, "the PS3 is a versatile and impressive piece of home-entertainment equipment that lives up to the hype [...] the PS3 is well worth its hefty price tag."[254] CNET awarded it a score of 8.8 out of 10 and voted it as its number one "must-have" gadget,[255] praising its robust graphical capabilities and stylish exterior design while criticizing its limited selection of available games.[256] In addition, both Home Theater Magazine and Ultimate AV have given the system's Blu-ray playback very favorable reviews, stating that the quality of playback exceeds that of many current standalone Blu-ray Disc players.[257][258]

In an interview, Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment argued for the choice of a complex architecture.[259]Hexus Gaming reviewed the PAL version and summed the review up by saying, "as the PlayStation 3 matures and developers start really pushing it, we'll see the PlayStation 3 emerge as the console of choice for gaming."[260] At GDC 2007, Shiny Entertainment founder Dave Perry stated, "I think that Sony has made the best machine. It's the best piece of hardware, without question".[261]

Slim model and rebranding

The PlayStation 3 Slim received extremely positive reviews as well as a boost in sales; less than 24 hours after its announcement, PS3 Slim took the number-one bestseller spot on in the video games section for fifteen consecutive days. It regained the number-one position again one day later.[262] PS3 Slim also received praise from PC World giving it a 90 out of 100 praising its new repackaging and the new value it brings at a lower price as well as praising its quietness and the reduction in its power consumption. This is in stark contrast to the original PS3's launch in which it was given position number-eight on their "The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006" list.[263]

CNET awarded PS3 Slim four out of five stars praising its Blu-ray capabilities, 120 GB hard drive, free online gaming service and more affordable pricing point, but complained about the lack of backward compatibility for PlayStation 2 games.[264] TechRadar gave PS3 Slim four and a half stars out of five praising its new smaller size and summed up its review stating "Over all, the PS3 Slim is a phenomenal piece of kit. It's amazing that something so small can do so much". However, they criticized the exterior design and the build quality in relation to the original model.[265]

Eurogamer called it "a product where the cost-cutting has—by and large—been tastefully done" and said "It's nothing short of a massive win for Sony."[266]

Super Slim model

The Super Slim model of PS3 has received positive reviews. Gaming website Spong praised the new Super Slim's quietness, stating "The most noticeable noise comes when the drive seeks a new area of the disc, such as when starting to load a game, and this occurs infrequently." They added that the fans are quieter than those of Slim, and went on to praise the new smaller, lighter size. Criticism was placed on the new disc loader, stating: "The cover can be moved by hand if you wish, there's also an eject button to do the work for you, but there is no software eject from the triangle button menus in the Xross Media Bar (XMB) interface. In addition, you have to close the cover by hand, which can be a bit fiddly if it's upright, and the PS3 won't start reading a disc unless you do [close the cover]." They also said there is no real drop in retail price.[267]

Tech media website CNET gave new Super Slim 4 out of 5 stars ("Excellent"), saying "The Super Slim PlayStation 3 shrinks a powerful gaming machine into an even tinier package while maintaining the same features as its predecessors: a great gaming library and a strong array of streaming services [...]", whilst also criticising the "cheap" design and disc-loader, stating: "Sometimes [the cover] doesn't catch and you feel like you're using one of those old credit card imprinter machines. In short, it feels cheap. You don't realize how convenient autoloading disc trays are until they're gone. Whether it was to cut costs or save space, this move is ultimately a step back." The criticism also was due to price, stating the cheapest Super Slim model was still more expensive than the cheapest Slim model, and that the smaller size and bigger hard drive shouldn't be considered an upgrade when the hard drive on a Slim model is easily removed and replaced. They did praise that the hard drive of the Super Slim model is "the easiest yet. Simply sliding off the side panel reveals the drive bay, which can quickly be unscrewed." They also stated that whilst the Super Slim model is not in any way an upgrade, it could be an indicator as to what's to come. "It may not be revolutionary, but the Super Slim PS3 is the same impressive machine in a much smaller package. There doesn't seem to be any reason for existing PS3 owners to upgrade, but for the prospective PS3 buyer, the Super Slim is probably the way to go if you can deal with not having a slot-loading disc drive."[268]

Pocket-Lint gave Super Slim a very positive review saying "It's much more affordable, brilliant gaming, second-to-none video and media player." They think it is "A blinding good console and one that will serve you for years to come with second-hand games and even new releases. Without doubt, if you don't have a PS3, this is the time to buy." They gave Super Slim 4-and-a-half stars out of 5.[161]

Technology magazine T3 gave the Super Slim model a positive review, stating the console is almost "nostalgic" in the design similarities to the original "fat" model, "While we don't know whether it will play PS3 games or Blu-ray discs any differently yet, the look and feel of the new PS3 Slim is an obvious homage to the original PS3, minus the considerable excess weight. Immediately we would be concerned about the durability of the top loading tray that feels like it could be yanked straight out off the console, but ultimately it all feels like Sony's nostalgic way of signing off the current-generation console in anticipation for the PS4."[269]


  1. ^Initially used HDMI 1.3a specification,[109] but was upgraded to 1.4 with the introduction of stereoscopic 3D for gaming and Blu-ray playback (via firmware update). The PlayStation 3 does not support any other HDMI 1.4 capabilities.


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