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Review notes for students NOT in our classes

On a very limited supply, we offer our review notes for students and doctors taking board exams who are living in states where we do not currently offer an Irene Gold Review. They ARE NOT intended to be a stand-alone program for any of the exams, but are the material that accompanies the associated board review class.  This particularly is true for the Part IV booklet.

*No guarantee of any kind is offered for the material.

*Part IV review notes pertain only to certain applicable clinical material and have no information on radiology.

*Part II notes include all Part III material. If taking both Part II and III exams, purchase only Part II.

*If you are preparing for the SPEC (Special Purpose Exam for Chiropractic), the material in the Part III booklet would apply also to your exam.

*Notes will be shipping via USPS Priority mail at no additional charge to a US address.

*International addresses will have additional shipping charges added on check out.



I just finished 4 days of review for the Part 4 boards with Dr. Molly from Irene Gold and after 31 years in practice I can say she truly helped me get up to speed and I feel 100% more confident than I did just 4 days ago.

J.M.Part IV - St. Louis

Dear Irene, I recently took your Part 3 review class in Spartanburg SC. I was one of the "old" guys in the class. I thought I would drop you a line to say I passed the Part 3 exam. Plus the cherry on the sundae was that my score was 800. So thank you for your excellent review class and all your help and knowledge. Thank you for proving that this old guy has still got it. There is no way I could have gotten through this test without your help. See you next year for Part 4... READ MOREB.F.Part III - Spartanburg

A miracle happened to me!! I took part 3 for the fourth time. I have been out of school for 2 years now and it's now 2019 with the new NBCE testing system that's more difficult than the past (scared so much). In the past my scores were around 225. I learned so much from your classes, and I got a 755/800! Thank you thank you Dr Kellie Brezinski and Dr Irene Gold. You have helped me change my life! I have passed all other sections already, so now just jurisprudence. Thank... READ MOREL.L.Part II/III - Hayward

I am writing to thank you.  I have been out of college for 23 years and with your help, scored a 655 on Part IV.... For me, an added bonus was how useful the information was in my practice.

J.A.Part IV - Davenport

My scores

General DX - 460 / 510
NMS - 390 / 600
Diag Imaging - 370* / 520
Principles - 360* / 410
Practice - 340* / 485
ACS - 495 / 490

Part III - 255* / 585

J.H.Daytona Beach, Part II and III

I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I will always be grateful for you. Your care and love in preparing us for becoming healers is unmatched. In life I have overcome a lot of challenges in academic learning to become successful. Without a doubt your board classes, your teaching and Dr. D’s, and the level at which you’ve pushed me to want to show up is a big part of the reason I’m now or will be in short order a licensed D.C.

J.M.Hayward, CA - Part III and IV

“Thank you! Dr. Marini was fantastic. He was able to streamline a lot of the copious amounts of information graduate school crammed into my head.”


L.H., DCPart IV - Los Angeles

I’ve taken part three more times that I would like to admit. I graduated and have been trying to pass this exam for two years now. I’ve used other study materials and other specialists. But your review helped me pass with flying colors this time around thank you so much for all of your help.

M.W.Davenport, Iowa - Part III

You [Dr. Brezinski] are extremely knowledgable, realistic, concise, deliberate with your words with a nice witty spin.  You helped so many of us achieve a successful part 4 Board exam.  Thank you for continuing to guide us and help us along this roller coaster of a journey. 

A.R.Part IV

 I passed after 3 times of taking the test with a 495 score.  Your method of learning the X-ray sat very well with me and made the test much easier than in the past.  Thanks again.

W.P.Part IV

Irene Gold board reviews 100% helped me pass parts II/III boards my first try. The part II exam is very difficult to study for because it is a hodge-podge of information that is learned over the course of 3 years, but Irene Gold does a great job of organizing this information to be as manageable as possible. In addition, Dr. Brezinski works her tail off to make sure the content is up-to-date and that you not only know the information, but how the exam will ask... READ MOREJ.W.

Thank you. I'm a recent graduate who had taken part 4 twice using 2 different 'Review classes' from other companies. My scores were so low and far from passing I was losing hope I'd ever pass and began looking into other future careers. I'd used your system on parts 1-3 and passed the first time every time. I don't know why I strayed from a system that works so well, but we live and we learn - lol. After your review for my 3rd attempt, I blew part 4 out of the water!! I can't... READ MOREK.D., DCPart IV

The first time I took Part IV I took [another company's] review class and I got a 285...However, when I took part IV the second time with Irene Gold I received an amazing score of a 600! Irene prepared me well... All of the material that she went over was helpful and it made me feel confident while taking the test...Irene Gold will have you practice and practice until you can basically take the test in your sleep. I want to thank Dr. Irene Gold for all of her encouragement and help... READ MOREK.M.Part IV

I want to thank Dr. Gold and her Associates for preparing me for the boards. I graduated in 1983 and was applying for Licensure in a state. They told me because I wasn't in practice for 5 consecutive years I would have to take part 3&4 of the boards. Well my scores were 530 part3, 600 part 4. After applying for new licensure they came back and told me that they now wanted the SPEC Exam and 18 hours of continuing Ed, Go figure! ...Well I received my Spec score and it was 615. I... READ MOREJ.G., DCPart III and IV and SPEC

I wanted to thank you for helping me pass all my boards.  I passed Part IV with 400... Thank you for all of the board reviews for Part 2 Practices and Part 4 reviews.  Without your board review, I would not have passed.  You pushed me through and quite honestly, you intimidated me more than any station on Part 4.  I needed that intimidation and I thank for all of it.  I look forward to continuing my Chiropractic journey knowing that I studied with the best... READ MOREJ.C.Practices, and Part IV

I had to retake Part 1 a few times. I sat through the Part 1 Irene Gold review for a second time and actually put in the work and listened to what the instructor said and studied outside the classroom and successfully passed Part 1.

I was afraid and intimidated by boards when I was getting ready to take Parts 2 and 3...This review that was taught directly by Dr. Irene Gold (the legend) gave me the confidence I needed to successfully pass...I scored over 600 for part 3!


I got a 633 with Irene's class. A 285 without it. Enough said.

C.R.Part III

I just want to let you know that you did it again. You have now helped me pass all parts of national boards. Part III & IV  -  30 years after I & II.

I scored really high on III and IV only because of your reviews. I probably would not of even passed without them. If you ever need a testimonial or have a senior doctor on the fence, feel free to have them call me.

M.B.Part III and IV

I want to write to tell you how much I enjoyed taking your part 3 course in Spartanburg this March. You are such a pillar within this profession and I want to thank you for your years of dedication. I took part 3 in 2016 after having been out of school for 1.5 years and only managed a score of 2xx. After taking your review I passed the exam with a 665. Thanks again for everything you do!

A.D.Part III Doctors Program

I have had nothing but success after success since 1984 in taking your review courses.I was asked by several close friends did I think it was worth "all that money" to take your course when there [might be] other less expensive courses available.I simply replied "the only time Irene Gold is expensive is when you try one of the other courses, take the boards and FAIL and end up with Irene in order to PASS". Why take a chance. I am sure over the years you have seen that more times... READ MORER.H.SPEC

I wanted to say how impressed I am with your seminars. Very professional, incredibly informative and a must for all chiropractors.


I am writing to thank you for all your help with practices...Before starting the test, I was nervous, but as I started going from question to question it seemed I was smiling. I finally think it all made sense and was happy to see a score of 520.


I am happy to inform you that I could not have been HAPPIER with how well you [Dr. Brezinski] ran the review was well worth the time, money and mileage and I again want to thank you for providing such a high quality education.

It is difficult to find good teachers that know how to communicate and you are definitely one of them.

D.S.T.Part IV

I wanted you to know how very grateful I am to you for helping me to get past these board exams. I just got my scores from Part II and I passed each and every part with scores mostly all above 500. I could never have done this without you. I remember a little over a year ago, coming to you and needing to pass part two, three and four. You laid out a plan and told me exactly what I needed to do. I passed each and every board that I took from that day forward.

C.A.Part II

I took the review class for Part III in Davenport, Iowa...Thanks to the review class and Irene herself, I passed with a 615 this last time.
I really appreciate the review class and how available Irene made herself for any questions. I recommended the they hopefully don't have to repeat Part III like I had to.


Our Guarantee

We are so certain that you will pass the exam after taking our class that we offer a guarantee for Part I, II, III or IV reviews

learn more

RELOCATING?  We can help!

If you've been out of school for more than 5 years,
we have a special class for you.
Call our office for more information.


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Part III of the National Board Exams, and the SPEC*

* SPEC = Special Purposes Exam for Chiropractors

Exam Information
Specific information about the exam with the board's dates and deadlines is available at the website for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Click here to be directed to their website. ( )

Repetition (Graduate registration only)
For additional assistance, if you would like to attend classes in more than one location to get the benefit of a repetition of the material you may do so during the same exam session at no charge. We suggest calling the office for help in scheduling.

The National Board requires that a candidate be requested to take this exam by the individual state they are applying to for licensure. You should check with the state board to determine what their requirements will be. If you are allowed to take the SPEC, you will be directed to apply to the National Board at that time. Information from the National Board about the SPEC exam can be found on their website at . 

For Part I, II, III and IV reviews, we are so certain that you will pass after taking our class that we offer this guarantee. If you do not pass you can take the class again in the next board session for a $75 re-enrollment fee (one time only). If you require a retake, please send a copy of your board scores in to us by mail or fax with a printed registration form .



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