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I&#;m selling a new premade suit. have a few things to do before its all done, needs new toony eyes ( I don&#;t like the current ones) as well as some modifications to the suit ( pulling it in some areas). Am airbrushing the head and shaving the body suit. Will be posting onto the dealers den tomorrow but wanted to post so people knew it existed

has lights in all the teeth, hair, and feet/hand claws. comes with a powercrystal as well.
there are tons of secrets on the suit
4 secret pockets, two large enough for a phone and other stuff.
velcro for adding accessories * horns, ears, fur, toys*
touch screen enabled claw
Power crystal acts as a tactile button to change color options
Tactile button in the back of the head.
fan inside chest
vents in the head
changeable hair/eyes/ears

will fit anyone from 5&#;5 to 6&#;11
comes with size 11 feet paws that are made on fur lined crocs ( they will fit anyone from 9- 14 since they are fur lined)

ask me any questions you may have.

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Redstorm Fursuits

New Gshep Partial for auction on Dealersden!! Made on a head base by Otter Nonsense! https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/new-german-shepherd-partial/
We are now open for commissions until August 15th. Submit your design any time from now until then. We will be offering 4 slots this time around for head, partial or fullsuit commissions only. Prices are on Redstormfursuits.com and prices can be
Silas Tiger auction ends in 1 day!! bidding still around $ for a refurbished full digigrade fursuit!! Check it out!! https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/html? This suit is formerly Skye Cabbit version and was modified by Redstormfursuits
Sours: https://redstormfursuits.tumblr.com/
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Charna - New fursuit head

Charna - New fursuit head

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.&#; .&#; .&#;.

My fursona Charna got a new head again. I have remade her 7 times now. 
I'm finally happy with the end results.

This is a remake of the base of my second head I made for her.
I added cheeks, new eyes, fleece and ears.

I made the head myself.

.&#; .&#; .&#;.
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Hey i think you ment to comment on the post and you seemed to comment on my comment lol ^^;
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/blacksticky/art/Charna-New-fursuit-head

Rune&#;s Furry Blog

Clumzy Lion&#;s Fursuit was STOLEN (BLFC )!


Hey fuzzbutts! Please keep your eyes peeled for this fursuit that might be online (for sale illegally) or might be wandering around at cons. As of right now, it has been marked stolen by the owner, and they are trying to get it back&#;or, get a replacement.

This was posted a couple of weeks ago when it was found out that this Fursuit was stolen out of the owner&#;s car after BLFC. The owner lost a passport and some other important items&#;

The original post was shared around by Sebastian Shepherd (on facebook) in multiple Furry Groups as he asked people to spread the news:



Everyone be on the look out for this fursuit head. The owner had it stolen out of his rental car, as well as his passport, before hitching his flight back to Canada after BLFC.

Contact : http://www.twitter.com/clumzylion/ if you have any information!

Also an article on Sfist.com discussed the situation and was spreading the news saying that if someone found the missing Fursuit, that they would get a $ reward&#;

Unfortunately when the con-times hit us, that&#;s also when it becomes the season for stolen fursuits. So, please be on the lookout for any post concerning a lost or stolen fursuit, take measures to protect your own fursuit, and just help share the news&#;hopefully the owner has his fursuit returned to him.

Please feel free to share this around&#;the more exposure this gets, the more likely we are to find it.


Crisis Fund: There was also a charity (GoFundMe) made to help the owner get a replacement head, a new passport, and to replace some of the other things that went missing due to his duffel bag being stolen. But the crisis fund reached its goal of $2, and as of today is no longer active. While we are extremely glad that the owner can now get a replacement, we still hope that the original can be retrieved/located/found and returned in good condition.

Like this:



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Sours: https://runesfurryblog.wordpress.com//06/17/lumzy-lions-fursuit-was-stolen/

Sale 2017 for fursuits

At 22, she hasn't been anywhere. Her mother, who raised Anna alone, could hardly provide her with studies at the technical school. After receiving an education, the girl wasted at the factory for three years and at the first opportunity she left an uninteresting job and a beggarly salary.

Fursuit For Sale -SOLD-

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