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If it's incorrect....just tell me. I don't exactly have a dick....or experience any unclear if this like not correct at all , tell me HOW , please....I still a learning half smut artist.



youre an ignorant asshole

someone else reblog this with the reasons why im coughing my lungs out and dont have the energy or patience for this stupidity

A simple google search would have sufficed to tell fuckwad here that the word literally means “hermaphrodite”.

And basic human decency is all that’s required to not use either term since they’re both slurs but since that’s too hard for anon,


children bully other children, they often use the words and images
given to them by television; they learned to single out a class of
person and they learned the words to use against those people from their
favourite shows.

When TV shows aimed at children single out a
particular class of person as the butt of a joke–for example, the
man-in-a-dress sight gag beloved of cartoons since cartooning began–they
are handing weapons to bullies.

These shows are complicit in bullying and abuse.


u dont understand why the man-in-a-dress trope is inherently and always
always transmisogynistic i think you probably need to understand that
its never presented as just a man in a dress. its not a man breaking
gender roles or expressing himself. not ever. it is always executed in a
way that follows the narrative of “oh look, a woman. wait, look closer,
thats not a woman, its a man” and it presents that narrative as a

they want u to think its funny or entertaining
that this person can pretend to be a woman but is really a man. it backs
up the idea that trans women aren’t real women by inviting people
to “take a closer look at that woman and make sure its not a man trying
to fool you”. its disgusting, entirely fucked up, and absolutely
transmisogynistic 100% of the time and it needs to stop.

we all need to be listening to trans women when they point this shit out
instead of talking about “i dont think that it was meant to be like
that” (bc it is whether it meant to be or not) or “it could have been
worse” or y’know the extremely fucked response to trans women’s
commentary on it of “well maybe thats how you saw it, but not me”. bc
trans women (ya know, the ones targeted by this shit) keep pointing this
out, all the time. and im always seeing people respond this way and
that needs to stop too.

stop denying the severity of
transmisogyny in any and all of its forms and for fucks sake stop
excusing it. and for fucking fucks sake, listen to trans women when they
talk about it.


it’s so shitty how the trans porn tag is FULL of slurs and fetish
porn of trans women with a good amount of self posted trans man porn.
weird. it’s almost like men are respected and not objectified on the
same level as women are.

Porn Terms You Need to Unlearn and Should Probably Stop Using Casually

(tw for unfiltered slurs and slurs I can not reclaim being used, forgive me)

[x] chaser – often prefaced by another word (such as “chubby
chaser”), refers to a person who fetishizes people of a certain
marginalized group, usually women in said group (particular targets are
fat women and trans women)[this is what people who use these fetish slurs fall under]

cuntboy/dickgirl– slurs used to refer to trans men/women (respectively) who have not had bottom surgery

femboy – a DMAB person who is either a trans woman,
nonbinary-femme, “camp” queer, or otherwise gender nonconforming/very
feminine, this slur often targets young LGBT+ DMAB persons to invalidate
their identity, and sometimes becomes conflated with pedophiliac terms
like “shota(con)”/jailbait

futa(naria) – this term refers to intersex-fetish pornography,
and many intersex people consider it a slur now because it fetishizes
being intersex and often portrays intersex people as having all
desirable “sexual equipment” (breasts, penises, and vaginas together)
when in reality this is rarely the case

he-she – slur frequently used against trans people and intersex
people to invalidate their identities, used often as a fetish category
in porn

herm(aphrodite) – originally referring back to Hermaphroditus,
the god of bisexuality (which had a different definition than it did
today), the term is now outdated, the proper term being intersex, and is
also considered to be fetishizing and dehumanizing of intersex people,
and many argue against its use for animals and plants as well

  • ladyboy – taken from a Thai word (kathoey) that refers to
    trans women, effeminate queer men, and the Thai-specific concept of third gender,
    this appropriated version is a slur for queer and trans persons and is taken
    for fetish categories in porn
  • shemale – similar to dickgirl and futa, this is a slur used to refer to women with “physical gender variance” (particularly, penises)

    tranny – slur for dmab trans women, often used in fetishizing
    pornography, only dmab trans women should be using this term if they so

    trap – slur fetishizing a person for having the “wrong genitals”
    for their assumed gender, often referring to a person realizing their
    date/partner has different genitals than they assumed, or as a term for
    someone who looks like the “opposite gender” but doesn’t have the “right
    genitals”; this term is obviously being of particular insult and harm
    to trans people due to its association of certain genitals with a
    specific gender and considering otherwise to be a trick, and as such
    this mindset has empowered the murder of trans people, particularly
    trans women

    (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

    …but I’m gonna wager that anon is gonna stick their fingers in their ears and say “no! no! it’s not the same!” because listening to the communities their shit works against is completely impossible for them.

    I mean, how hard is it to understand “making fetish porn of gender variance and using dehumanzing slurs hurts gender variant people, regardless how fictional it is, because it is objectifying and fetishizing gender variance, giving it a false image based on what’s sexually desirable, and encouraging the continued use of these slurs against gender variant people and the continued picturing of gender variant people as having certain sexually desired characteristics”? 

    Also the casual ignoring of how these terms are applied to live action porn just as much as drawn porn.

    Well I guess porn is just too sacred to consider that. Anon probably thinks hypersexualized women in comic and video game covers are okay because “they’re not real people”. Porn exists in a vacuum and is therefore above criticism.

    It’s far too hard to just… not use slurs…. when making characters. It’s completely unreasonable to ask for people to update their language and evolve. Petulant resistance to stop using words and phrases that hurt people proves that this is a non-issue and that you’re definitely not transphobic/dyadist/bigoted. (x) (x)

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    How to Become a Futanari Artist

    Things You'll Need:

    • Knowledge of both the male and female form
    • Talent for drawing

    How to Become a Futanari Artist. As far as **** goes, futanari tends to be relatively tame--which is not to say it isn't sexually explicit. It depicts images of anime-sexy girls with both female and male sexual organs. If you want to become a futanari artist, you'll need to brush up on your art skills and start checking out the futas (the girls of futanari).

    Hone Your Skills as a Futanari Artist

    Learn the basics of drawing and coloring anime (animated films) and manga (printed comics). Most futanari is very "clean" art that requires a great deal of skill to master. Consider taking art classes at a local college or community center.

    Study male and female anatomy. Since traditional futanari depicts manga-style females with both male and female sexual organs, you'll need to be comfortable drawing a sexy, curvy girl with a (usually) large ****.

    Soak up the different futanari styles and then let your imagination run wild. While most stories and images focus on the girl's discovery of her newly grown organ, some cross the lines into sci-fi or other genres. If you want to become a futanari artist, you should pick a style in which to hone your skills.

    Keep abreast of trends in anime and manga, especially *, which is almost always sexually explicit or pornographic. Despite futas having penises, futanari usually falls in the yuri, or lesbian, subgenre of*.

    Join a futanari forum to share your work via an artist thread. The first impressions reported by viewers can help guide your craft as you begin to dabble with futas.

    Check out the many books and online tutorials offered by Hikaru Hayashi. He offers step-by-step advice from a working professional on drawing manga. You'll have to add your own penises and other kinks to create futanari, but his tips are invaluable.

    Become a Working Futanari Artist

    Create a portfolio. Like any artistic or animation job, you'll need a strong sample of your work to submit to publishers and developers.

    Attend anime and comic conferences, which usually provide you with a chance to meet other artists in your chosen field. Don't forget to bring your portfolio.

    Start working on your own comic or story. Since Futanari is a very specialized field, you may have better luck finding a publisher for your complete comic. You can always get a start by publishing your own 'zines or creating a website featuring your work.

    Learn Japanese. The majority of futanari is published in Japan, so you'll find more opportunities for a futanari artist overseas. You might even be able to find work in one of the major publishing or toy houses as an apprentice.


    Don't be squeamish. As with most , futanari often overlaps with other fetishes. In order to build an audience as an artist, you'll need to create strong yet cute characters engaging in some type of fetishistic behavior.

    Writer Bio

    This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below.

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