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Even though Kenya has no idea what a Mummy is, he absolutely loved these hot dogs wrapped in whole wheat pizza dough. I put one in his school lunch the other day with sides of ketchup and mustard to dip it in and he was in heaven!

Mummy Dogs from

These are probably a better Halloween treat for bigger kids who really get what Mummies are, but they taste great and are fun to eat no matter what. So if you are looking for a fun meal to serve at a party this holiday weekend, or just a fun way to liven up your hot dogs, this is a perfect recipe!


  • 8 veggie, turkey or beef dogs
  • 1 recipe pizza dough


1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

2. Line a cookie sheet with foil and lightly grease with cooking spray.

3. Cut the pizza dough into 8 even strips using a pizza cutter or knife.

4. Stretch each piece of the pizza dough until it’s about 4 times the length of the hot dog.

5. Starting at the top, wrap the pizza dough around the hot dog until it’s completely covered allowing a small space for the face.

6. Place the wrapped hot dogs on the cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes.

7. When the hot dogs are cool, dot the ketchup and/or mustard with a toothpick for the eyes.

8. Serve.


ketchup, mustard

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Ever since my last post on stay-home parenting, I have been wanting to find out more about the secret(s) of happy and fulfilled stay-home parents. Can you be truly satisfied doing a job that isn’t even considered a job in the real world? Can you really be happy when there’s no “payday” to look forward to?

Come along with me as I start my journey, reaching out to different stay-home parents. Let them share with you the true meaning of becoming a stay home parent.



I met up with Michelle Wee, the brains behind the blog, MummyWee.

Her claim to fame? She is one of a rare few in Singapore, who has not one, not two, not even five, but SIX children!

When I first chanced upon her blog, I loved her eloquent writing style, coupled with some pretty amazing ideas to teach her children how to become independent, responsible individuals.

Screenshot 2014-04-16 16.38.52

Her stories detail her rich experience as a Singaporean parent dealing with issues such as surviving PSLE, choosing the right secondary school, and even how to keep birthday parties from getting out of control (financially).

Screenshot 2014-04-16 16.44.07

Her blog has something for everyone. With her last child under the age of two, I actually chanced upon her blog looking for tips on weaning Noah.

In the eight short months that she started blogging, she’s written over 270 posts with a viewership of over 110,000! Pretty impressive for someone who didn’t think of blogging intentionally and was pushed to start by someone who set up the blog for her!

I first met Michelle at her talk, “Parenting six children without going mad or broke”. I did wonder what she would be like in person and was quite surprised that this svelte mother of 6 was looking youthful, radiant and comfortable (with public speaking!).

Her presentation, like her blog, was peppered with interesting personal stories and practical takeaways that even I could adapt even though my son is 12 years away from taking the PSLE. Her background in financial advisory came in real handy when giving tips on how to save money when bringing up children and teaching children financial literacy.

Mummy Wee and I!

We sat down after her talk and we talked about her life, her choice to have 6 children, living with her in-laws and what she wants to say to anyone deciding to become a stay-home parent.

Before the children came along, what was your background / career etc?

I initially trained to become an occupational therapist but I never practiced as the industry would not allow me to work part-time so that I could look after my children. I went on to work part-time for 10 years as a financial advisor.

My husband and I started our own spa business thinking it would give me the flexibility of time. We learnt the hard way that starting a business requires even longer working hours and the stress of worrying if you can pay your staff and overheads does not stop when you close the doors for the night. In the end, we sold the business at a great loss as the financial burden combined with trying to parent many young kids were literally driving us insane. So if you are looking for something to do on the sidelines, start small with very low overheads and build your client base before thinking of expansion.

Why did you decide to have 6 children?

My husband and I both had at least 2-3 other siblings so we were planning to have more children. Also, my pregnancies were quite easy with no morning sickness or other symptoms. The births were rather smooth too with the kids arriving within 1 hour with no epidural given to me.

Our first 4 children were all girls and my husband wanted a boy. So when #5 was a boy, we decided it was time to stop. Kate (#6) was really God’s gift to us. She really brought the whole family closer together at a time when the teenagers were starting to isolate themselves with their gadgets and wanting to spend less time with the family and more with their friends.

We also have a lot of support from both our parents and we spend within our means for the children.

When did you become a full-time stay home parent?

I became a full-time stay home mom in June 2013.

Why did you decide to become a SAHM?

I was actually thinking of quitting (as a part-time financial adviser) for the last 3 years but never did because all my clients were either very good friends or relatives. At that time,the MAS wanted to raise the professionalism of the financial industry and all practicing financial advisers had to take an exam. I couldn’t see myself studying for the exam and decided that it was time to give up my job.

However, shortly after I tendered, I began hearing about blogging a lot. Finally, the wife of one of my husband’s friends even offered to set it up for me and that’s how I began MummyWee.

How do you manage to run a successful blog and parent 6 kids?

The crazy years were when I had 5 children under the age of 9. Now, I have 5 extra pairs of hands to help take care of Kate!

Kate naps in the morning while the older ones are in school. When they come back, they are also very eager to take turns playing with Kate.  In the early years, parenting them was physically demanding, but now, it is mentally demanding, to chat with them and deal with their teenage issues and concerns.

Almost everyone in my household is asleep by 8.30pm (except the teenagers who would be doing their homework), so I have time to do what I need to do.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a SAHM?

I didn’t have to give up much (to become a stay home mum) because I was a part-time working mum for 10 years before staying home full time. The transition was very smooth as I gradually cut my days from twice a week to once a week to only 1 morning a week.

However, for those who go from working full-time to staying at home full-time, it’s a really big transition. You lose your income and suddenly you’re stuck with your kids 24/7 whom you’ve never seen 24/7. You can’t go to the toilet without having them around. It is shocking and overwhelming, so I would say go in with your eyes open because it can get very stressful.

Your husband comes home, and instead of helping you take care of the baby, he kicks up his feet and watches TV. The both of you end up arguing about who’s more tired and who should be looking after the kids.

Having said that, once you’ve settled down as a SAHM, you must want it and be doing all these for the right reasons. You have already given up so much and you will go through a lot being a stay home mum. You shouldn’t be doing this because you’re tired of your job but because you want to be there for the child.

You must believe you are the best educator for your child.

This is the only reason that will sustain you.

You stay with your in-laws,which probably isn’t easy. How have you managed to stay sane?

To be very honest, most of my married friends (myself included) started off having a lot of issues with our in-laws (especially our mother-in-laws). Which was to be expected as it is already difficult living in such close proximity, plus the fact that we come from a different generation. The way they do things and how they view child-rearing is very different from us.

We definitely had our quarrels over the years, but I can say that I am at peace now and I have no issues or grudges against my mother-in-law. (I never had any with my FIL and I admire the love he has for his children and grandchildren). So what is the secret?

First is, acceptance. I think you have to be aware that they have been brought up in a different generation so their opinions will be different from us and we just have to acknowledge that fact.

Second is, they do have the best intentions. We have to always remind ourselves that no matter what they say or do, they also want the best for their grandchildren. They are not purposely trying to oppose us (even though at times it seems so).

And thirdly, the children are watching and learning from us. Is this how we want them to emulate and treat us next time? Do we want them to live in a happy environment or do we want them to see us quarrelling frequently? And if we let this unhappiness fester, it will become insidious and we will be constantly frustrated. This is not good for our kids and ourselves.

What is the most important thing a stay home mum must have?


When your family supports you and you have a strong network of stay home mum friends, then you can really enjoy your life as a stay home mum.

There is a stigma of stay home mums. You are doing so much but everyone thinks you’re not doing anything at home. You have to be so strong to not let it get to you.

Stay home mums, especially first time mums with no helpers are usually caught up with so many things to do daily. Do you still recommend them to have a passion, or something to do for themselves?


I had cousins who left the workforce at 25-30 years old to take care of their kids. Now, their kids are in junior college, spending up to 12 hours a day in school. There is no meaning in their life. You can’t go shopping everyday, you have no one to take care of, and the husband is busy.

They are finding themselves at 50 years old, unable to find meaningful work and nobody wanting to hire them. Even those who want to take up where they left off as a lawyer can’t do that as their skills and knowledge are redundant.

Do something now that 10-15 years from now you can look forward to, or something you can fall back on to do, like starting a small business.

Carve out some time everyday to contribute to your future.

And even if you aren’t thinking so far ahead, take time out for yourself everyday because you’ve already given so much to your family.  Do whatever you love, it may be yoga, reading, whatever it is, continue doing it.  You never know, the passion in baking you’re developing now, may transform into a business that you can grow in the future.


Thank you, Michelle!

I completely agree with her on the last point.

 Even if you can’t do something you love everyday, do it as often as you possibly can. If you give yourself until every drop is given, there will be nothing left for the people you love. Take time to recharge and get refreshed. It is so beneficial for you and everybody around you.

What do you love to do that helps you recharge?  Share with me in the comments!

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